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Friday, October 30

Book Talk | Uglies

Uglies is a dystopian story about Tally Youngblood. At 16 every Ugly will get the operation and is turned into a Pretty. It's all Tally has wanted since her best friend Peris turned Pretty. With the agony of missing him came the curiosity of seeing new pretty town. And on her trip to New Pretty Town she met Shay, an Ugly who doesn't want to be pretty and yanks Tally into a much more dangerous journey.
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Wat I found so compelling about this story is the fact that it is a reflection on what is happening to us teens in real life. We all dream of being pretty, not seeing the beauty in our own ugly faces because that is what we were made to believe. People gave us a definition to beauty and perfect even though that definition is different for everyone else. And even though we all know that no one is perfect, we still crave to be. I find that these books puts a strong perspective to that longing and how we would do a lot to achieve it. Much like the leisures in the book being pretty could change us. It could change us into thinking lower of other's who are not pretty. Hence how the Pretty's think of the Uglies.
Q: Would you have preferred to stay true to your 'Ugly' form or would you turn 'Pretty'

Tally, I think I have never felt a character's emotion as that of her. The moment the Special attacked the smoke and she realized it was her fault, I could just start bawling up in the corner of my room. She finally found something that she never had, love, she didn't got that from her parents or her teacher. He also showed her that she was in fact pretty and didn't need an operation and they kissed and I just FEELS. But that emotion Tally must have felt when she couldn't bare to tell him that she gave up the smoke!
Q: Did you think Tally made the right decision by not telling David from the beginning?

Now another thing I loved about this book was the love line. Scott Westerfeld showed us that a book doesn't need a love triangle to differ from that cliche relationship. David and Tally showed us just that. It was beautiful, in my perspective, how Tally chose love over being a pretty. It had been her dream since she was a Littlie, it had been all she ever looked forward too. Until David showed her that she, she was pretty. In his eyes and every other.
Q: What do you think about Tally's and David's relationship? Do you ship them? Why? Why not?

The ending was so epic! Perfect end line if you ask me. Tally giving up her Ugly face that she had grown to love for Shay. Her best friend who changed so much because of that stupid operation URGH! Shay was in my opinion a great character. Like, I loved that girl. Her wild and rebellious side and the operation took that away. Such a shame. But thanks to Tally there is hope.
Q: What did you think of the ending

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~ Shania

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