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Tuesday, March 29

Book Talk | Clockwork Princess

Title: Clockwork Princess 
Author: Cassandra Clare
Page Count: 567
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 4.59
My Rating: 5
Book Cover Rating: 4.5
Would recommend to: People who like crying a lot
Bad Book Review: I now cry every time I hear the name Jem Carstairs.
Review type: Contains spoilers 
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I just finished the final book in the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare and the only non spoilery thing I can say, is that Clockwork Princess is the perfect ending to this trilogy. Cassandra Clare continues to amaze me with the novels she writes and if you have never read her books: you definitely should.
In my previous reviews, I said that I wasn't sure whether I liked this series or the Mortal Instruments more, but I have made my descision: I love The Infernal Devices more. This series will stay with me a very long time and I feel so incredibly attatched to these characters. 
Cassandra Clare let's you love her characters so incredibly much and you actually feel like you're in the story with them and I think that when you can do that as an author, you're a really good one.
This book made me smile of happiness and cry tears (oceans) of sadness and all the feelings were just too much at moments.
If you haven't read this series already I highly recommend it. You can read my Clockwork Angel review HERE and my Clockwork Prince review HERE.


I already made my opinion about the characters from The Infernal Devices clear in my previous two reviews, so for this one, I will only be going into my thoughts about the storyline.

The first thing I really liked about Clockwork Princess was the brotherly relationship between Gideon and Gabriel Lightwood (worm). We start the book off with Gabriel coming to the London Institute to tell him brother his father 'is a worm'. First everybody laughs at him, but then we find out that Benedict Lightwood really turned into a worm, because of the Demon Pox.
After they defeat him, Gabriel shows that he clearly wants to be with his brother now that his father is dead and Charlotte lets him live at the Institute.
Later on follows a part where Gideon is caring about Gabriel like his little brother, even though Gabriel is an adult himself. Gabriel fell asleep on Gideons bed and this is what he said:
''Of course I do; he is my little brother.'' He moved toward the bed and brushed a hand over Gabriel's tousled brown hair.''


Something else that immediately stood out to me, was how weird Consul Wayland was acting. In my notebook I literally wrote: 'Wtf is up with Consul Wayland'. First my guess was that he was secretly working for Mortmain, but that wasn't very logical, since he was the head of the Clave.
When we find out he is acting like a dick to Charlotte, because she is not the weak and minipulative woman he thought she would be, I literally thought: that bastard.
I hate it when women are seen as the weaker sex, it's when my inner feminist really comes out. Charlotte does an amazing job at running the Institute and is one of the strongest female characters I have ever seen.

If you have read my previous two reviews, you will know I love Jem and Tessa together. The scene where he plays the song he wrote for her on the violin made my cry so many tears of joy. Jem is one of the sweetest human beings I have ever seen. Will is good with words, but Jem isn't and therefor he wrote a song to show his love to Tessa. It's the sweetest gesture I have ever read about.

Another part that made me cry so incredibly hard was when Jem and Will said goodbye to each other. A literal waterfall of tears was flowing down my cheeks at that moment. You know it is the last time they will see each other. I can't even imagine what it must be like to say goodbye to your Parabatai because he is going to die. It was such a heartbreaking moment.
I did love that Jem gave Will and Tessa his blessing to be together, because he wants both of them to be happy and to give each other strenght when he is no longer there.

After Will says goodbye to Jem, he steals the fastest horse they have at the Institute and starts his journey to the place where Mortmain is keeping Tessa. I honestly thought these parts were a bit boring, until Will his Parabatai rune suddenly starts bleeding. The last sentence of this part was 'Jem was dead'. I literally screamed no at my book, because I would not believe Jem was truly gone.

Charlotte decided to ignore Concul Wayland and still decides to go to Mortmain with the other Shadowhunters that live at the Institute. I really liked this, because even though the Consul told her she was not allowed to go, she went, because it was the right thing to do. This only shows how great of a leader Charlotte is. To my surprise, three Silent Brothers show up to fight together with the Shadowhunters to fight against Mortmain. I didn't think Silent Brothers still fought in battles, and I really liked all of them working together.

I laughed so hard that Will and Tessa ended up sleeping in a cave for the first time too, just like Jace and Clary. What is up with Herondales and cave sex?
The morning after Magnus Bane is suddenly in their bedroom, telling the two they should probably get dressed, because everybody is looking for them. I laughed so hard at the awkwardness of this scene. Magnus was just casually there like he wasn't surprised at all, Tessa was desperately trying to cover her naked body and Will was just like 'wtf is happening'.

After this the real battle begins. Cassandra Clare writes these things so incredibly well. The battle scenes are action packed and everything I had been waiting for the entire book. First Henry gets hurt and I was like: wait did Henry just die, wait what? Luckily he didn't, I would have felt so incredibly sad for Charlotte if she had to raise their baby boy by herself.
Then that one moment happens: Brother Zachariah his hood falls back AND IT'S JEM. I was like MY BABY JEM IS BACK IT'S JEM OMG JEM IS BACK. I couldn't handle my shit for a moment. Jem chose to become a silent brother instead of dying and he is there to fight beside his Parabatai one last time. I can't even describe the feelings that went through me at that moment.

Everybody is about to be killed by the automatons and then Mortmain walks in and tells everybody to stop. The automaton with the demon inside is holding Tessa. That's when it happens: she changes into Ithuriel, the angel imprisoned inside her necklace. She changes into a 20 feet tall angel and kills Mortmain with heavenly fire.
This was so incredibly smart. First I could only think: wait wtf is happening, but then I realised and I was like Tessa you smart idiot. It's so dangerous to change into the angel, but she does it anyway and doesn't die in the end.

After we are back at the Institute and Tessa is not waking up from being Ithuriel, so Charlotte sends for Jem, because he is the person she keeps shouting for. This is when Jem and Tessa have their final talk and I expected it to be sad, but actually it made me so happy. They decide to meet once a year on Blackfriars Bridge, because Jem won't be able to see her otherwise. He also tells her to be happy with Will, because the two of them deserve to be happy.
Jem visits Will otherwise, and the two of them have a final talk. I thought it was beautiful. Will doesn't know how to live without his Parabatai, to fight without him and Jem tells him Will doesn't need him to live, because he is strong enough on his own. After that he leaves, and Will and Jem are parted at last.

The final part of the book was the saddest and most beautiful at the same time. Of course, I am talking about the Epilogue. In the final chapter we read about how happy everybody is with each other and my heart was warmed by all the love.
Then we go to Blackfriars Brige, 2008, just after the thing between Jace and Jem happened in City Of Heavenly Fire. Tessa thinks back to the day Will dies, how Cecily and Gabriel and Sophie came to say goodbye to him. Gideon wasn't there, because he died a few years earlier. At this moment, I am already crying so hard that I can barely see the pages (and while writing this review I have to do my best not to cry again). After everybody said goodbye to Will, who is now an old man, Jem/Brother Zachariah comes at midnight and plays Will and Tessa their life on the violin. After that they both take Will his hands in his final moment.
Ave Atque Vale, William Herondale.

The reason why this epilogue made me so sad, is because everybody Tessa once loved is long dead, except for Jem, who is the only person she now has left. It just broke my heart to read about these characters who you followed for three whole books all being dead, except for two of them, who lost so many people. I don't know how Magnus and Tessa do it, being immortal and loving so many loved ones in the process.
Tessa is now together with Jem, who is a mortal once again, so there will be a day that he will die too, and Tessa is left with nobody but ghosts from the past and old memories. It really made me realise that we should treasure life and every single moment and experience in it, because before you know, everybody you once loved will be gone.

The ending to this trilogy was so perfect and it was everything it had hoped to be, no matter how many times it broke my heart and many me cry. This is also the only love triangle ever I am perfectly fine with. Tessa first ends up with Will and then with Jem I CAN'T. I couldn't have been more perfect.
I can truly say: Clockwork Princess is my new #1 favorite book.

Question Of The Day:
What were your thoughts on Clockwork Princess and the Infernal Devices in general?

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  1. I just finished the series and I'm still crying as I read this review. Before I had gone halfway into clockwork princess, the water works were unleashed. Oh, how I love these characters. And yes, I also prefer this series to TMI. this story was beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful ever. The ending though, painful as it was perfect.