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Tuesday, March 29

Why Everybody Should Read

You will probably hear every reader say this: people should read more. I am one of the people who says that and today I will be giving the reasons of exactly why everybody should read more. Now of course, people who never read will see all of this as a load of crap, but several studies have shown these things are actually true and besides that, I have experienced all of this myself.

You will understand people better
I once read about a book that was about a girl suffering from annorexia and almost died from it. It was a true story, written by the girl herself. She described what she was going through while having this horrible decease so well that I really understood what it is like to have annorexia, while I wouldn't have understood if I hadn't read the book.
The same goes for books dealing with subjects such as self harm, suicide or bullying. But even when you read a fantasy novel from the point of view of the evil king the rebels are trying to defeat. A good author will take you into the brain of that person and make you understand their thoughts.
There are so many things I have learned from just reading books.

You will feel less lonely
Now this may sound a bit depressing, but if you often feel alone, like I do, reading is the perfect treatment. Once I dive into a novel, the characters in the book will start feeling like they are your friends and you will laugh and cry and hate with them like they are your friends in real life.
A really good example from my own experience are books by Cassandra Clare. When I read her Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series, I felt like the characters were literally my friends in real life and I could relate to them so incredibly well. Once I finished the books, I felt such a strong hurting feeling, because the story was over. I think you will only understand that feeling once you have actually experienced it yourself, but it's very sad.

''When we read we're not alone.''

Reading makes you happier
I swear I am not making these things up, studies have really shown they are true, though I have experienced all of these things myself.
Before I started reading there were moments I felt so alone and sad (and I'm certain I'm not the only teenager with those struggles). Before I would just sit in my room thinking about life, which only made me feel worse. Now I just grab the book I'm reading and dive into another epic fantasy and fight some demons, marry a handsome prince or become an elf or something.

Reading lessens stress
Whenever I am stressed for something like a job interview or a big test at school, I take my mind of it by reading. Got finals? Go on an epic journey's right from the place you're sitting and slay a dragon instead of stressing over the test you have the next day. Got an important job interview? Read a great romance novel to take your mind of things, believe me, it will help.

 ''Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.''

Reading makes you smarter
There have been several studies showing that this is indeed true, but I can also feel it myself. I am Dutch and before I started reading English books, my English was good, but when I started reading books in a language other than my native one, my vocabulary improved a lot, but not only difficult words, you also learn the simplest words that nobody teaches you in school, or silly little games kids play when they are younger.
Reading also improves the way you write. I study journalism and started reading a lot the moment I started at college. My writing was okay, but then I started reading and my sentences changed, especially when I'm writing for my book. You get so much better at explaining things, using a wide range of words.
Before I would explain a meadow as: 'There was a big field with some flowers blooming. Above me the sun was shining and it was a bit windy.
Then I started reading and writing and now I would explain it like this: 'I found myself in the most beautiful meadow I had ever seen; a bed of soft green grass was beneath by feet, wild flowers scattered around me. They were lovely shades of pastel blue, pink and yellow, making my surroundings look like a paining you would find in a gallery. High above me a faint autumn sun was shining, casting its rays of sunshine down on me. A faint breeze blew past me and dispite the sun, little goosbumps appeared on my skin. The tall trees surrounding the meadow were coloures of orange, yellow, red and brown.''
I could go on like this for hours, but I think you get the point.

Question Of The Day:
Why do you think everybody should read?
Have you experienced any of these things yourself?

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  1. These are all great points! I especially love that scientists have been doing studies recently on why reading is beneficial for social skills, not just book smarts!