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Wednesday, October 19

Books That I Want As Movies / Tv Shows

Book to movie or tv show adaptations: a readers biggest dream and fear. Seeing your favorite book on screen can be incredible, but only if it's done well. If it's not, than it can be a readers biggest nightmare. Some examples of adaptations done well: Game Of Thrones, Outlander, Me Before You. Some examples of adaptations done...not so well: Shadowhunters, Twilight...
These are some books that I wish I could see on the big screen, but than again, only if they do it right.

Between Shades Of Gray
If you have been following our blog for a while, you will known that I absolutely loved this book. It's definitely one of the best books I ever read, and that means something. The story was beautiful and heartbreaking and I learned so much from it. This book will be a beautiful movie.
And guess what? Between Shades Of Gray is going to become a movie next year!!! It will be called Ashes In The Snow and the cast looks amazing. I am beyond excited about this movie, seriously.
Salt To The Sea
Another Ruta Sepetys book that I want to see as a movie. She is an incredible author and her books make you understand why people do certain things in certain situations and I think that is very important. Her stories are also very character driven and I would love to see all these different people come to life.
Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe
I'd love to see this book become a movie. There are so many amazing contemporary book out there who'd do so well on the big screen, especially this one. There aren't many movies out there who are about two teenage boys falling in love. Besides that Ari and Dante are both also such interesting characters and I think that a lot of people will be able to relate to them. This is just a very important story that should be shared with a lot more people, people who don't read books.
The Infernal Devices
It's funny that I'm mentioning this trilogy because in the intro of this blogpost I mentioned how I don't  like Shadowhunters, but I think these books will make a very good tv show, if it's picked up by a good station....with a big budget...and good actors...I've always loved The Infernal Devices more than The Mortal Instruments, mainly because the characters are a lot more likable to me (and I just really really really love Jem Carstairs). 

This book hasn't even been released that long yet, but I think that it will make an awesome movie, that I think kids will also love. Like Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard Of Oz. This world was so interesting, but there were quite some things that confused be just because I couldn't really visualize it. I think that all of those problems will be gone once it becomes a movie and I most of all think that everybody will love it.

So those were all the books I think will do very well if they hit the big screen. Let me know in the comments which book you would love to see as a movie or tv show.

~ Amber


  1. I am number four - done properly this time with accurate character depictions. Also the Red Queen would be awesome.