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Wednesday, November 23

One Sentence Book Reviews

I am a very lazy person who doesn't feel like writing long reviews for every book I read. Also, I sometimes don't have enough feelings about a book to write about it. I thought it would be fun to give you some really quick one line book reviews, so you can still find out how I felt about the books I've read.

Me Before You ★★★★
A beautiful story that opened my eyes to the life of a quadriplegic man and made me laugh from joy and cry tears of sadness every page I turned.

Throne Of Glass
This is the book that originally got me into reading so it will always have a special place in my heart.

Crown Of Midnight
I didn't like the relationship between Celaena and Chaol, but besides that this book was a great sequel to Throne Of Glass.

Heir Of Fire
Rowan Rowan Rowan Rowan Rowan Rowan Rowan \0/ ♥_♥

Queen Of Shadows
This book was so action packed but still had it's fun and sweet moments, exactly what you expect from a Throne Of Glass novel.
Empire Of Storms
This books shattered my heart to pieces and made me sob for hours and hours, but I loved it all the same.

The Assassin's Blade
I have to be honest and say that I enjoyed this book less than I did with the others, but it was really nice to learn about Celaena's back story, it helped me understand so much of later books in the series.

I loved the strong female protagonist and the quick and exciting story.

I liked this less than Divergent, but it was still exciting and fun.

Allegiant was slow, boring and characters who did not need to die died, it was a disaster.
At times the world and magic system confused me a lot, but the fun main characters completely made up for that.

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer
The fun cast of diverse characters and a talking sword called Jack made me laugh every single page.

Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor
Bless Rick Riordan for creating Alex Fierro.

City Of Bones
Clary's hasty decisions and overall stupidity annoyed the hell out of me but the good story still managed to make this a great book.

City Of Ashes
I hated Clary's relationship with Simon, but besides that this book was action packed and great

City Of Glass
Sebastian is the hottest piece of evil I've ever seen and this is probably my favorite book in the series

City Of Fallen Angels
More fun characters are introduced, which made this book interesting, besides that I don't remember much about the story.

City Of Lost Souls
I loved Jace, Sebby and Clary living together in one place and that we got to find out more about his back story.

City Of Heavenly Fire
Cave sex and Alec is not your bitch, also the ending made me sob for hours and saying goodbye to this series was even worse.

The Fellowship Of The Ring
The story is amazing but so incredibly slow, to be honest I enjoyed the movie more.

A Game Of Thrones
I am amazed by how big of a world filled with different characters George R R Martin managed to create, truly a masterpiece.

A Clash Of Kings
I loved to continue the story of all my favorite characters while they live through epic battles and try to survive in the dangerous web of politics and war.

So there we go, all my one line book reviews for some books I've read over the past 2 years. Comment some one line book reviews of books that you have recently read!

~ Amber  

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  1. Love this approach to writing reviews! I feel like I need to do this more often with my reviews. :P