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Thursday, November 26

Let's Talk | Slow Reading

There are numbers of research studies that tell us that kids who tend to read slower than other people have a lack of fluency, meaning they could just have Dyslexia. But guess what? I love being a slow reader, I will never be a fast reader and here are some reasons why.

I have probably been a slow reader my whole life, that however, doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading as much as fast readers do. It just means that I take a much longer time to finish a book. While for me that is no problem at all. I can read quick but when I do so, I forget half of the stuff I've read. So when I look at my TBR list, it will only get bigger and bigger with every trip I take into the city. And you know what? It doesn't bother me one single bit. 

First of all, If a book is enjoyable why hurry through it? As a slow reader I take my time to read the book in peace. It does mean that I'm pretty incapable of reading more than 40 pages in one hour and maybe even less, after that I need to take a small break, but that break helps me with processing the information I just received. So, you could say that reading slower helps me remember the content of the book better. That break might also be because someone decided to distract me again. Person with very low attention spawn here...

You won't see me doing a lot of reviews however, and I'm terribly sorry for that because I do like sharing my thoughts on a book that I really really loved, but it takes me more time to finish a book than it does with Amber. Amber even told me that she is a slow reader as well, and I believe her, that would just make me a super slow reader hehehe. 

Reading slower doesn't change my book experience. You'd say that fast readers get so caught up in the story that they rip through the whole book in just a few hours and that slow readers don't. I personally believe that we actually experience more of the book but when I read, the world around me slowly changes. I see everything that happens in the book, I find myself going along on adventures and when I look up from my book find out that so much time has passed and that I didn't even realise when it was getting dark inside.

I came across a lot of articles showing tips on how to improve your speed while reading, but you shouldn't want that. Slow reader or not, you should always stick to your on pase, never let anyone tell you to do other wise. Reading is for fun and when we need to do something, it's no longer something we do with our hard.

So, my question to you, Are you a slow reader? If yes, why do you like/hate it?

~ Shania


  1. Comment from Amber:
    I read slow as well, probay up to 30 pages an hour, the thing for me is just that I sit down with a book and read for 7 to 8 hours straight, even more if I have the time. That's how I can get through books pretty quickly, even though I don't read that fast :)

  2. I sometimes can be a slow reader, when I'm busy with school or just don't feel like reading, but I never find myself too bothered by it. I think I would rather be slow and take my time than rush through the story and miss many things because of that. I read when I can and sometimes, I just decide that maybe I should do something else instead.

  3. Interesting! Throughout elementary and middle school, I was always one of the faster readers -- but I find that my attention span is much smaller nowadays, and I often get distracted while reading. So, I do consider myself a slow reader now. I dislike it, mostly because it was so EASY to get through books quickly and be able to discuss them with my friends. I also don't enjoy how long it takes me to read required books/textbooks for school. I am getting better at actually enjoying the language used in novels, though, something I never used to appreciate (whether it was because I was younger or because I read so quickly, I don't know).

  4. I don't know how my reading speed would be considered I guess I'm not as fast as some but I don't think I would consider myself slow.

  5. Hi you guys, thanks for the comments. I love hearing your opinions on your own reading pace!