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Friday, February 19

TV Show Talk | Shadowhunters

 I already wrote a blogpost for my thoughts on the first two episodes of the show Shadowhunters, and since then a few more episodes have come out. I have some new thoughts on the show and therefor I decided to write another discussion/review for my thought on the show right now.

For my last review I started of with the actors and the way they portrayed the Mortal Instruments characters and since my previous review a few more characters have been introduced to the series, even some characters that don't appear till book 4.
The first new character that was introduced to the story is Maryse Lightwood. Now I didn't like Maryse much in the books, but holyshit, she's such a bitch on the show. Why are you acting so mean to Izzy, what did she do wrong? I really hope she improves. I don't really have feeling about the other Lightwoods that made their appearance so far (Robert and Max), I'll just have to see how their acting is and how their roles will be on the show later on.
Another character that was recently introduced to the story is Camille, the head of the New York vamipre clan. Well I have no idea how to feel about her. First: she doesn't look anything like I imagined her in the books, but that's just my personal view. But WHAT is her obsession with Simon? In the books she is interested because he's a daylighter, but here he isn't even a vampire, so wtf Camille?
I was very surprised to see that Simon is actually one of my favorite characters right now. I didn't really like him the first like, 4 books, but I really like the way Alberto is portraying him. He's funny and sassy and awkward and everything Simon is.
The last character I would like to talk about for a bit is Isabelle. I feel like she is just too sexy, if that makes sense...She IS sexy, but I don't know, she just feels a bit slutty and that takes away her character, because Izzy is such a strong person and I don't really feel that on the show...

Now I would like to talk about the relationships on the show for a bit, starting off with Jace and Clary. I loved them together in the books and couldn't wait for another part where they would kiss or something, but in the show I just don't feel the connection between them. Jace is all like 'I want to protect her. Stay away from my girl blabla', but I don't feel it...Hopefully this will come in later episodes, because I really love them together.

 Another bond I don't really feel is the Parabatai bond between Jace and Alec. In the books I could so clearly feel the bond between them and the brotherly love they had for each other. In the series it just feels like a burden they have to live with, it doesn't feel right. I also don't like that they argue so much. They do in the books, but their arguing on the show is different.
A relationship I do LOVE on the show is the relationship that's building between Alec and Magnus. They are one of my favorite ships and I am so happy to see it come to life on my screen. Unlike Clary and Jace, I can really feel the connection between them and both actors play their parts so incredibly well. I can't wait to see how their relationship wil evolve from here.

The general storyline is also getting better. I still don't really like that they changed it so much from the books, but I can live with it. This way it's also wondering what will happen next for us book readers.
One thing I really didn't like are the flashbacks that happened in the 6th episode. The actors that portrayed Jocelyn, Luke and Valentine looked nothing like them and I honestly just saw it as one big joke. I do understand why they chose to add these flashbacks, because on a screen this makes stories more interesting and I usually love flashbacks, but the acting was just bad and the actors bothered me. I do have to point out that I really liked what we saw of Idris/Alicante so far, it really looked like I pictured Idris in my head and I can't wait for the group to go there themselves.

I of course have more thoughts about the show, but this is just what stood out to me most. I'll be writing another review/full season recap once the last episode of season 1 is released and share my final thoughts with you. So tell me in the comments, what do you think about the show, the actors and the storyline?

~ Amber


  1. I haven't started watching yet...BUT I PLAN TO SOON!! I'm a little worried about Jace and Clary, tbh. They don't seem like good actors?!? And I absolutely loved the movie version so I really feel like the TV show is going to fall flat for me. *le sigh* But I have to watch it to find out. ;D

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. the first two episodes were really bad and so were the actors their skills, but it's really getting better! I really recommend you watch it :D!

      Thank you for leaving a comment! We are both huge fans of your blog
      ~ Amber and Shania