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Sunday, January 24

Let's Talk | Bad Fanfictions

Fanfictions. Every fangirl her secret pleasure. We love to read them as much as we love reading the precious books they are based on. Though to really enjoy a good sappy fanfiction, we need to get rid of the bad seeds.

You Got No Grams Fanfictions: The ones with a lot of grammar mistakes. One, can happen. Two, must be coincidence. But when there are a thousand grammar mistakes in a sentence of twelve letters, I'm starting to doubt the fact if I should really continue using my spellings check? Okay, I'm not a grammar nazi, I make a lot of grammar mistakes myself. But when a fanfiction is written like this:

"She walked 2 the bathrom to check on weather or not her boyfrend was alife or not"

Netflix and Chill Fanfictions: The ones where the girl meets the boy and on the same day they sleep with each other and declare their undying love. WE NEED A LIL PUSH AND PULL. It's much more enjoyable when you let the characters dance, not in a literal way although it would be cute. What I mean is, it's cute when the characters bond over more than one thing. Grow closer throughout the story. Always remember, Rome wasn't build in a day and neither is a relationship.

Taste The Rainbow Fanfictions: The ones where the created character is casted with different ethenicy from the canon character they are to be related too. It happens rarely, but it happens none the less. To me, it shows that the writer didn't put any effort into a background check. It's like giving Jace Wayland and African-American twin. It are just details your fanfiction depends on.

BAD FANFICTION NUMBER 4I Dont Actually Add Any Lines Fanfictions: The ones where the story line is completely the same as the book and there are no extra details added to alter the story. It's not fun to read something we have already read before, or seen before. So when you write a fanfiction, please don't just follow the book or show strictly. Let your character alter the plot a little make it fun!

My biggest tip to avoid writing a bad fanfiction: get a beta reader with an honest opinion! They don't bite, I swear. That was my opinion on Bad Fanfictions, please leave a comment if you would like us to do more with fanfiction. I myself write them too so I could give a few tips ;)

Now I got a question for you:
What bad fanfictions have you experienced?

Leave your answer in the comments!

~ Shania

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