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Sunday, January 24

TV Show Talk | Shadowhunters

After the enourmous flop of the City Of Bones movie, we got another chance to dive into the world of the Mortal Instruments with a brand new tv show called Shadowhunters. Next week the third episode will air and today I want to review the first two episodes that are out so far. This reviews will not contain any book spoilers, so don't worry if you haven't read all of them yet.

When the cast was released a while ago I was very happy, I really liked the way most of the cast members looked and I think most of the actors are very true to the characters their discription in the books. The reason I say most actors, is because I have a lot of problems with Dominic Sherwood playing Jace. I loved the way Jamie Campbell Bower played Jace in the movie and to me he perfectly fits the discription of Jace, from the looks to the way he behaves. I mean even Cassie herself said that Jamie is an awful lot like Jace in real life. Maybe I don't like the way Dominic plays Jace either, because they gave him some really bad lines, I hope that will be better later on in the show.
I also think they made Isabelle way too sexy and slutty, even for Isabelle. Yes, in the books she uses her amazing looks as a 'weapon', but she also has really big trust issues because of something that happened in her family (no further spoilers). The way they made her in the show is slutty and simple minded, which is not Izzy at all.
 I also have problems with is Clary. I don't exactly know what it is about the way Kat is portraying Clary, but is annoys the hell out of me. I have to say: in the first two books Clary annoyed me too, but this is different. I think show Clary is too sexy-stubborn, where book Clary is more awkward, which makes it seem way too acted and fake, it doesn't feel right.
The last  character I would like to talk more about is Valentine. I love the way Alan van Sprang is playing him. Yes, I know he doesn't look like book Valentine at all, but in this case it doesn't bother me at all (although I now do fear for how Sebastian is going to look, please let him have white hair, please). Alan makes Valentine look like the crazy villain he is, but still expresses some feelings toward Jocelyn, which we never saw in the book and I really like that.

Now I'd like to talk about the show and the storyline a bit more. We all knew they were going to make changes from the books and that they'd be big, but I had no idea they were going to change it this drastically. I don't really understand why, because the story of the book is incredible on its own. Most people are saying it's changed so much for the people who haven't read the books, who won't understand the story otherwise, but when us book readers first started reading City Of Bones, we had no idea what was gonna happen and what the entire backstory was either right? No, we slowly had to find out, so why can't it be like that on the show?
I'm also not really into the way they made the demons look, why do they all look the same: like humans with weird jaws? In the books there are so many different kinds of demons, so why do they all look the same in the show? The CGI is just terrible, I hope it will get better throughout the series.

There are so many more things that are botherering about the show, from the way the institute looks, to the person they casted for Hodge and so many other things. But besides all of this, I do enjoy the show more than I thought I would. This review is mostly critical, but I am giving them the time to get better, from the actors to the way the show looks. Maybe, by next season it will be amazing. Let's all just pray it will be.

~ Amber

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