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Wednesday, January 27

Let's Talk | Starting a Book Blindly

Okay, the title might not make any sense to you at all, but what I mean with starting a book blindly is that point where you just buy the book without any detail of what the story is about. All you know is what the summary on the book says. And you know what? It's probably the best way to pick up a book.

So, I found myself in the Bruna, a Dutch shop that has a small book section including English, and gazed at the three rows of books I could pick from. There were many books of my interest, even ones my friends would recommend yet I picked out a book I had never heard of before: The Finisher by David Baldacci. The first thing that appealed to me was the stunning cover, it called for mystery. The second thing that appealed to me was the fact that I haven't heard of it in my little book community. So I thought to myself why not?

So I personally find it easier to read very unknown books. Why? Because I have no expectation of it whatsoever. When people tend to talk about a book that was really good in their own opinion, I immediately get excited. Many of you may have had this experience yourself, but then it comes to the point of you actually purchasing the book and reading it. And then it is just NOT what you expected it to be. And let me tell you something (you probably already know, but) that fudging sucks!

Another reason on why starting a book blindly is so amazing, is that you can really leave it up to your own fantasy. You haven't seen the movies or the fan cast or the hundred-thousand pieces of fan art so the characters are from your imagination only!

However, a lot of people expect that you end up reading a lot more books you tend to dislike when you go into it blind. But the truth is, you will always end up reading books you don't exactly like from time to time. It's the same as trying a new food without any idea if you will love it or not.

Now my question for you, have you ever gone into a book blind?

~ Shania

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