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Monday, February 22

Let's Talk | Not Having Read Harry Potter

Harry Potter: an incredibly famous YA Fantasy series that is loved by millions. I am a major fantasy lover myself and yet I have not read Harry Potter. In this blogpost I would like to discuss the things that are said to people who haven't read this series and share my personal opinion.

First let me explain why, as a fantasy lover, I have not read these books. As some of you might already know, I didn't start reading till about one and a half years ago. I never grew up reading the books and I didn't enjoy the movies that much. I started my life as a reader off with the amazing novel 'A Game Of Thrones' by George R R Martin, one of my all time favorite books. Since then I have read so many more amazing fantasy books, such as The Fellowship Of The Ring, the Throne Of Glass series and The Mortal Instruments. There are so many more great fantasy novels I want to read, and honestly, Harry Potter isn't on this list.

The Harry Potter fandom almost attacks you (literally) when you say you have not read these books and call you a 'fake reader' or 'not a real fantasy lover'. I know HP are great fantasy novels, but it's not the only amazing fantasy series out there, and honestly, the aggressiveness of the fandom is kinda turning me away from reading these books at all.
Why do you think someone who hasn't read HP is a fake reader or not a true fantasy lover? Are these books the only fantasy books out there? No, they are not. I simply chose never to read them and fall in love with other books instead. Does this make me less of a reader? No, it doesn't, because everybody should read the books they want and not be judged by the ones they choose to read. It was my decision never to read the Harry Potter books and I don't think I will any time soon. There are a lot of other books I want to read more than this series, and there's nothing wrong with that.

~ Amber

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