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Tuesday, February 9

Top 5 Tuesday's | Books You Were Spoiled For

Don't we all hate them: Spoilers. We have both been spoiled for quite some books and today we will share all of these with you. The title of the book will be bold, so you know which books will be discussed, because we don't want to spoil you too. If you read them anyway and are spoiled, it's not our fault, you have been warned hahaha.

Ambers #5
I thought it was a great idea to start watching booktube videos about a year ago and that's how I was spoiled for the death of Tris in Allegiant. When I got to the end of Allegiant, I know what was coming, but that didn't make it any less bad. It was horrible.

Shania's #5
The Keeper
I basically spoiled myself because I had confused the second book for the first book so I was a few chapters deep into the second book and then I realised that this couldn't have been the first book. So I checked goodreads and it is true

Ambers #4
The Infernal Devices
I haven't even READ the Infernal Devices yet, but I've already been spoiled because of Pinterest. I was casually searching the Shadowhunters tag, because at the time I was reading the Mortal Instruments. That's how I came across the fact that Will Herondale dies. I know who Will is and I know everybody loves him, so his death will probably hurt a lot.

Shania's #4
The Mortal Instruments
Thank you Amber, the spoilers were lovely. But I asked for them myself.

Ambers #3
The Mortal Instruments
I spoiled MYSELF for the Mortal Instruments. I was reading City Of Glass and I knew Jonathan was on the cover of City Of Heavenly Fire, so I was like, ah I wonder when Jonathan is introduced in the story. I didn't know Jonathan and Sebastian were the same person at the time, that's what I spoiled myself for. Then I read his character profile and see that HE DIED. God dammit why do I always spoil myself.

Shania's #3
Throne of Glass
Again, thanks Ambs!

Ambers #2
Throne Of Glass
Yep, I spoiled myself for the Throne Of Glass series too. I was reading Throne Of Glass and wanted to follow more blogs on Tumblr, so I searched the tag on Tumblr and found out Nehemia died, great. I really liked Nehemia and was very sad she died, especially the way it all happened. I should really stop spoiling myself.

Shania's #2
The Darkest Powers

There are these things called Fanfictions, and when the summary says SPOILERS, definitely don't read them if you don't want to be spoiled because that is what happened to me.

Ambers #1
Game Of Thrones
I have spoiled myself for Game Of Thrones SO many times. When I started watching the show, season 4 was just starting and so I went to the tumblr tag and these are all the characters I found out died: Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, Viserys Targaryen, Khal Drogo, Catelyn Tully, Robb Stark, Oberyn Martell, Tywin Lannister, Ygritte and Shae.
How many times can you possibly spoil yourself. I wasn't spoiled for Jon Snow though and I WISH I WAS, MAYBE MY HORROR WOULD HAVE BEEN LESS BAD I CRIED FOR 45 MINUTES.

Shania's #1
The Gone Series
I spoiled myself so hard with Caine's dead. I was like, at first I didn't believe it, I didn't WANT to believe it. But then pictures of Caine's last lines started popping up everywhere and then I drowned in my pool of tears because I was so frigging upset with Caine Soren's death. Like, I know he was a dick most of the time, but I just loved the guy.

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