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Tuesday, February 16

Top 5 Tuesday's | Book Worlds You Would Like To Live In

If you have been following our blog for a while now, you may already know this: we are both massive fantasy lovers. When we come across a book with a map in it, our hearts start to beat faster, because let's be real: Books with maps are the best books. Today we will be sharing the fictional universes that we would like to live in with all of our amazing readers.

Ambers #5
The first fictional universe I would love to live in is the Shadowhunter world from the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. Now I know that these books take place in our world, but it's so different, because there's demons and fairies and werewolfs and vampires. It would be so cool if that would be our world.

Shania's #5
There are so many book worlds I would love to live in, I have therefor chosen the world of where Wizardry was born. Harry Potter. So I am most definetly a Gryffindor. I would probably be the kind of girl that gets herself into a lot of trouble because my best friend and I would dare eachother to do stupid things. 

Ambers #4
I know some people might call me crazy, because it doesn't seem like a great place to live at all, but I could see myself living in Westeros. The world from the amazing Song Of Ice And Fire series. Westeros seems like such a grim and depressing world, because of all the murders and rape (and let's not forget about the threat of the white walkers beyond the wall, several kings and one queen saying they have a claim to the throne and a bunch of fuckers like Ramsay Snow walking around), but I could still see myself live there. If I could choose, I'd live in Winterfell, but only if the Starks rule the castle, not the Boltons. 

Shania's #4
Although I have not read these books yet, I would like to live in the world of Game of Thrones, just to see how long I could survive until my death. I think my death would be rather soon if I am purely honest. I'd after all be just a regular peasant that found herself in the middle of a battle.. This is starting to sound like a fanfiction.....

I'll stop here before it gets too graphic.

Ambers #3
Another world I'd like to live in is the world from Sarah J Maas her novel A Court Of Thorns And Roses. Would I want to live in the Human realm or in Prythian? Prythian, duh. It just seems like such an interesting land to live in. I loved to find out the history of everything that happened during the War and Amarantha taking over. I can't wait to find out more in A Court Of Mist And Fury.
Where in Prythian would I live? The Night Court, without a doubt. I hate sun, because I get a sunburn every time I go into it and I just prefer night. (but let's be honest, the real reason I want to live in the Night Court is because of its incredibly sexy High Lord)

Shania's #3
Give it up for Tir Na Nog. For those of you who don't know where the hell that is. Check out my previous post about one of my favorite and very underrated books: Shadowmagic.
Tir Na Nog just seems like an awesome place to be, I'd volunteer to watch over my darling Tuan. And I think, if I ever got to learn it. I'd be pretty epic with bow and arrow. Then again, Cialtie's head is not something you can miss.

Ambers #2
I'd also love to live in Erilea or Wendlyn, both lands from the Throne Of Glass. If I had to choose I'd probably live in Wendlyn, but not in Doranelle because I wouldn't want Maeve ruling over me. I'd probably live at the fortress Aelin and Rowan stayed most of Heir Of Fire. The people there seemed nice and life looked great. If I had to choose somewhere in Erilea to live, I'd go for Terrassen, obviously. But only with one of the Ashryvers or Galanthynius' ruling, not the King of Adarlan.

Shania's #2
I don't know why, but the Shadowhunter world has become my number two. I think, I don't know, but I think I would be a cool Shadowhunter. I just need to get my sass a little bit more out there. But besides being an awesome demon fighting babe, I'd try turning Alec bisexsual. Because come on... the dude is hot as fuck.
And if that doesn't work. 

We could always share Magnus???
 no? no? okay...

Ambers #1
The number one world I'd like to live in, is without a doubt Middle Earth. I saw Lord Of The Rings for the first time when I was eight years old and I've been in love with the world ever since. If I got to choose who to be and where to live, I'd be an Elf and live in either Rivendell, The Woodland Realm or Lothlórien. But I'd be fine with living anywhere, really. (well not Mordor but okay...)

Shania's #1

Very similar to Amber's number one, I have also picked Middle Earth. For me, Middle Earth is like the birthplace of adventures. ANDDD I do sometimes look a bit like an elf. Perhaps I am Legolas' long lost niece. Who am I kidding. His family is waaay too gorgeos for me.. 

A girl can only dream.

Also, I could just walk around for days without getting bored.
(I wanna go to New Zaeland :( )

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  1. Oh, gosh, Westeros? That's such a scary and unforgiving world. I would die in the first five minutes!

    Great list! I'm on board with the Harry Potter world. Now that seems like fun.