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Saturday, April 16

How I Organise My Bookshelf

I reorganise my bookshelf probably every time I get a couple new books and the struggle is real
because if my bookshelf doesn't look perfect to me, I will get annoyed every time I look at it. After I am 100% happy with the way my shelves look, I post some shelfies on Tumblr and always get the same question: please tell me how you organise your bookshel and make it look so pretty. Today I will.

Question Of The Day:

How do you like to organise your bookshelf?

I am really OCD when it comes to organising my bookshelf, because like I already explained, I will get really annoyed when it's not neat and organised in my head.

The biggest struggle is that I want everything together: the same heights, the same series, the same authors, the same colours. This is why I organise my bookshelf so often, I can't just put my new book somewhere at the bottom, no my precious new book needs a pretty place on my shelf, which usually means moving other books around, which means moving even more books around. Usually I end up taking all my books from my shelf and redoing the entire thing. Like I said: I'm really OCD when it comes to my books.

So how do I manage to keep my shelves so neat? 
» The first thing I do is have the same authors together, no matter what. Sometimes I look at people their bookshelfs and books by the same authors together and I can't stand it. Now I'm not trying to say there is anything wrong with that, it's just my opinion, please don't feel offended.

» The books authors release are often the same size, which is very, very pleasing, because having the same sizes together is the next thing I want. Now if you look at the picture, I don't always succeed in that. The thing is with the sizes. I want the biggest books in the middle of my shelf and than lower and lower. Does that make sense? Just look at the picture :')

» The next thing I try to do is have colours that match together on the same shelves. On my upper shelf it's all blue/black and white. My second shelf is all mostly black/dark coloured books. This is why it highly annoys me when books like Divergent or A Song Of Ice And Fire have every colour of the rainbow, I think it's so ugly, ugh...

» As you might have already seen: I put all my favorite covers and/or books to the front. This leaves less room on my shelf, but it does look very beautiful. This is just something you like or not.

» I also try to lay some books down to make my shelves look cool, like I did with my UK editions of Throne Of Glass. I think this looks really nice.

 Some things that highly annoy me
Now again, I do not mean to offend anyone, if your shelf looks like this, that's great for you, it just annoys me in some way. But hey, if everybody liked the same the world would be miserably boring right?
Rainbow Shelves. The reason why I dislike rainbow shelves so much, is because all different heights are usually next to each other and this would drive me insane. It looks so incredibly messy to me and in my OCD brain, that really does not work out well. Though I do think the colours often look really pretty together and I have actually seen some rainbow shelves that look really pretty. Most of the times, this isn't the case. Different editions. Now I know this is something EVERY bookworm hates. Owning different editions of books. I have this problem with my Shatter Me, Divergent and Raven Cycle books. Take my Shatter Me books for example. I have Shatter Me, Unravel Me and Unite Me in the usual paperbacks, but Ignite Me is an International Edition, which means it's taller. Same goed for my Divergent novels. Divergent is an other edition that Insurgent and Allegiant and I have Four in hardcover *cries*


  1. First of all, let me tell you that your shelves look absolutely amazing! I really like how you organised them. Neat and pretty. Just awesome.

    I myself find it really hard to be satisfied when it comes to organising books. And just lately I have, yes, decided it would be fun to try the colour coding. Before the rainbow idea, I had my books organised by authors.

    And oh my god, different editions of books are my pet-peeve. I myself have this problem with Inferno and The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. I'm still psychically not over it.

    So yes, your bookshelves look amazing and I wish you you were always happy with the way they look like. Have a lovely, lovely day!

    1. I think for every bookworm it's a never ending struggle. I have actually seen some gorgeous rainbow shelves going around on Tumblr!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!
      x Amber and Shania

  2. Ahh your bookshelf is so pretty!! The struggle of working out how to organise my bookshelves is such a pain. I used to have it in alphabetical order but wowee, did that look messy. I ended up sort of colour coordinating mine but most importantly organising by size. I always keep series together - except for a couple where half is in paperback and half in hardback - but otherwise I just try to get it looking pleasing to my eye and try to forget about the fact that I've had to split some series up. I definitely think every bookshelf needs a Funko Pop on it!

    1. Thank you so much! I hate alphabetical order in the library too, it looks so incredibly messy to me, sometimes I just feel like redoing everything haha

  3. is the time I should hide probably. xD I AM 100% A RAINBOW SHELF ORGANISER! Which is weird because I'm completely OCD about it too??! But like for colours instead. I have to have my books in by colour or the shelf looks chaotic and disconcerting for me. I have a separate shelf for my series, though, because I loathe when series aren't together (Whyyyyy can't they all have the same spines?!? gAH). So, hehe, I think most bookworms do have very peculiar and particular ways to organise shelves and it all makes sense in their minds. 😂
    Your shelves are still GORGEOUS though. :D I loved learning about your process!

    1. I have seen pictures of your shelves on Instagram and I actually love the way they look! Like I said, when other people do the rainbow shelf thing it always looks amazing, I just can't seem to do it myself.
      Thank you so much for commenting! It really means a lot to us that such a big blog as you is reading our posts :)

      x Amber and Shania