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Tuesday, April 5

How To Read More

Recently I discovered something that allows me to read a lot more than I did before. Today I would like to share this with all of our lovely readers. I'm sure people have been already doing this, but for me this works incredibly well, so I still wanted to share it with you.

Question Of The Day:
What's your technique to read more?

The Problem
I used to be strictly against reading ebooks, because I want to hold a physical copy of the book in my hands. I came across a problem though: whenever I was travelling to school or waiting at the dentist or something, I didn't have a book with me, because I'm too scared it'll get damaged, plus I have to take my laptop and chargers ect with me to school every day, so there's no room left for a book. Also, the train is usually so crowded that there is no way I could take a book out of my bag and read it.

At these moments I did really want to read and it annoyed me that I dind't have a book with me. That's when I got a great idea, when I saw a lady read something from her phone next to me. I thought: why don't I download the book I'm reading a physical copy of on my phone, so when I'm at home I can read the actual book and when I'm out I can continue from my phone. I thought it was the greatest idea ever.

How it works
I buy the physical copy of the book, hardcover or paperback, it doesn't really matter. Whenever I'm at home, I read from the book I bought, because I still prefer to read from an actual book (and I like smelling them too tbh).
I download the book I'm reading from the internet, there are a lot of places you can download them from for free, if you want to know which problem exactly I use, you can message me on tumblr: b00kishfantasy. I then upload the book to my Google Drive, so I can open it on my phone, which is what I do next. When I open it on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5), it automatically transports to my Google Play Books and I can read them.

Whenever I'm out, I continue the book from where I stopped at home. This allows me to read so much more than I used to do before. I can read during break at school or work, when I'm travelling, when I'm waiting at the dentist or doctor or whatever, I think you get it by now.
I think it's the perfect technique to read more and that's why I wanted to share it with all of you.

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  1. I bought an eReader with my birthday money and I discovered the same thing! I can also read in the dark and because my eReader uses E-Ink it doesn't hurt my eyes or messes with my sleeping pattern. It's also way easier to open up a ebook than a physical book if you only have a minute or two to spare. I take it everywhere and it easily fits in even my handbag.