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Monday, April 4

Books That Made Me Cry

We all have books that made us cry and today I want to tell you which ones these were for me. On this list are some books that made me tear up a little bit and books that made me cry not a river but an ocean. Of course, there will be spoilers in these posts, so I made the title of the books bold so that you know about which book I will be talking.

Question of the day:
Which book(s) made you cry?  

Allegiant by Veronica Roth
I think everybody cried when they finished this book. I personally really didn't like it, but the ending was heartbreaking. I was spoiled for Tris dying, but I didn't know about Uriah, so when he died I was like no pls not Uriah. The way he went was so incredibly sad, with his family deciding not to keep him alive any longer, because there was no hope for him anyway.
Even though I was spoiled, I cried so hard when Tris dies and literally, at night I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about how sad her death had been. She survived the death serum and then gets shot. I kept saying no no no no but then her mom came and I was like maybe her mom is still alive (it was wishful thinking), but then Tris saw the bullet wound and I realised her mom had come to take Tris with her. 
Another heartbreaking moment was when Tobias goes to spreak her ashes over the city by going down the zipline. He still did it, even though he was afraid of heights, just because Tris would have wanted it. 

Queen Of Shadows by Sarah J Maas
This is one of the novels that only made me tear up a little bit. It was the part where Aelin goes to visit Sams grave. I think we all teared up a little bit there. I never shipped Sam and Celaena or anything, because I read the Assassin's Blade after I read Heir Of Fire, so I was already a massive Rowaelin shipper at the time, but it was still sad. Especially when she thinks about how Sam never knew who she really was and that he would have made a great king. It was very sad.

City Of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
If you read our blogpost frequently, you know I loved Sebastian, even though he was an evil bastard. Sebastian has everybody as a prisoner in Edom, the demon demention he now wants to rule. He wants Clary to be his Queen and rule beside him. Clary pretends she wants to and Sebby wants her to kiss him, to prove her love. Instead she tells him she wants a hug and then she stabs him with the blade that's filled with heavenly fire. 
The heavenly fire burns away all the evil inside someone and when there is enough left of someone to live, they survive, but Sebastian is corrupted by evil, so he dies.
When he is in his mothers and Clary's arm, Jonathan returns and has green eyes. I was crying so hard at this point. I was really hoping for Jonathan to have a shot at life and have a family, although the Clave would have never allowed that. It didn't matter - there wasn't enough left of him to live and Jonathan dies in his mothers and sisters arms. BRB CRYING
That wasn't the only thing that made me cry. After that Magnus his demon father appears and will let them return to Earth if Magnus stays with him in Edom. Nobody wants that to happen and in the end the demon ends up talking all Simon his memories of his friends and the shadow world. He is now not a vampire anymore either. Now the reason why this made me cry so much is because Simon grew so much as a character and we followed his journey throughout six books. For that to all be taken away made me so sad.
The last thing about the book that made me cry was the Epilogue. Cassandra Clare is SO good at wrapping up series and her epilogues are always so heartbreaking. The reason why I was so sad wasn't because of anything that happened, but because the story was over. I love the Mortal Instruments so incredibly much and the fact that the story of these characters was just over made me cry.

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
Are you ready because I have a lot of feelings about this book. I wrote a full review with all my thoughts about this book, so if you're interested you can read it here.
The first thing in Clockwork Princess that made me cry was of course, the part where Will goes to see Jem and the Parabatai say a final goodbye, because Will knows Jem will die soon. I love Jem so much and I just couldn't stand the thought of him dying. In the Infernal Devices you also get a really good view on what the Parabatai bond feels like and that only made this goodbye worse, because Will is about to loose the person that is most important to him. 
I have to be honest: I skimmed the pages a bit, because I had to be ready for Jem to die, I had to know when it would happen. Then, on page 309 my eye sees the word: Jem was dead. I literally THREW by book across by bedroom, screamed and cried, because I did not want my poor Jem to die. Jem is the purest being alive and he deserved so much better.
The next part that made me cry was the Epilogue, just like in City Of Heavenly Fire. Only where the Heavenly Fire was all happiness, this one made me cry like no book had ever made me cry before. In the final chapter, everybody is happy and being in love together and 10 pages later, we read about how all of them are dead.
I can't remember the exact sentence, but there was this part where the book was like: Gabriel, Cecily and Sophie all came the day Will died. Gideon wasn't there, because he had died a few years before. It was absolutely heartbreaking to read about all the characters you have lived their story with for three whole books all just being dead. 
The saddest part was where Will actually dies and Jem/Brother Zacheriah comes to play their story on the violin in his final moments. I couldn't actually hear the music, but I play the violin myself and I could imagine what it would sound like, which made it even worse. Finally, Jem and Tessa both hold Will's hand when he dies and I'm really trying not to cry again because I'm writing this in class...

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  1. Nice picks! Allegiant made me very emotional too. The Divergent books aren't my favorites, but I did like that the third one was split between her and Four. It gave a lot of closure after her death.