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Tuesday, April 26

TV Show Talk | Game Of Thrones

 Game Of Thrones is my all time favorite TV show and I have waited a very long year for Season Six. In the mean time I re-watched all the other seasons twice, because I need this show in my life. After a very, very long wait Episode One of the new season is finally here. I want to do a little series of my thoughts on every episode of the season.

Question Of The Day:
What were your thoughts on the episode? 


As always, we start the season right where it ended in the season finale. We zoom in on Jon's bloody corpse and immediately all the feelings hit me again. I really liked that Ghost was howling for Jon and trying to break out of the cage.
Davos is the first to find his body. I personally love Davos, he always seems to be the smart one and does the right thing. Another thing I really liked was how much emotions Edd was showing and saying Jon was his friend. I could really feel him grieving for Jon. The Night's Watch men who are still loyal to Jon protect his body in a room, together with Ghost, Davos and Melisandre. I am so excited to see how this storyline is going to continue.

We then go to the place in Castle Black where all the remaining Night's Watch men are gathered and all of them are calling Ser Allister and the others traitors for killing their Lord Commander. I loved to see all of them defenting Jon. I was surprised to see how open Thorne was about killing Jon, I was honestly expecting him to say it wasn't him.

The next character we go back to is Ramsay Snow. Now I'm going to say something very shocking: I think Ramsay is such an interesting character, despite the fact he is a sadistic murderer. I also LOVE Iwan Rheon, the actor who plays him. He is such an incredible actor who is doing a marvelous job at portraying such a horrible person.
Ramsay is standing next to Myranda's dead body. This was such a weird moment, because you could see Ramsay had real feelings for the girl and it was sooooo strange, because usually the only feelings he shows is the joy in torturing people.

Next we see a conversation between Roose and Ramsay Bolton and this was another thing I really enjoyed. Roose is mad, because Sansa is gone and he just lost his key to the North. He knows that the Northeners will follow Sansa, no matter what, because she is a Stark and they have ruled the North for thousands of years. This conversations also shows that Stannis is really dead, no matter what some people were saying about how they didn't see the killing blow. I'm kind of sad about Stannis being dead, because apart from him burning his daughter alive, which was probably the most horrible thing I've ever watched, I really liked him...

Next we go to Sansa and Theon, who are running from the Bolton men and their hounds. Theon tells Sansa she has to run for Castle Black, because her brother Jon is Lord Commander and that he will help her. It just made me so sad that Sansa doesn't know another family member of her has died.
The Bolton men find them and for a minute I could see everything going to hell and Sansa and Theon being dragged back to Winterfell, but then Brienne and Podrik save the day and kill the Bolton men. Can we just take a moment for Podrik. I think he is sooooo funny, I don't even know why. He's just so awkward and clumsy. It makes everything he does funny.
Brienne swears fealty to Sansa, saying the same vow she said to Catelyn and Sansa tells Brienne the same thing her mother said once. Seeing Sansa as a grown up woman, pledging the same oath as her mother just made me so sad, because in that moment she reminded me so much of Catelyn.

What follows is another scene that absolutely broke my heart. Cersei is told a ship from Dorne has arrived with Jaime and Myrcella on it. I saw the smile on her face and knew she didn't know her daughter is dead. Laughing Cersei runs to the docks, until she sees the boat carrying Jaime and Myrcella ashore. The smile fades from her face and she knows. It was so horrible to watch, because no matter how much of a bitch Cersei is, she loves her children, which made this moment so sad.

After a while we switch to Dorne, where Ellaria Sand and Doran Martell are having a little, not very important talk, until Doran sits down and suddenly I get this feeling hitting me and I just knew: he's going to die this season. And yes, 2 minutes later, he's dead, together with his son who is murdered by the sand snakes.
I am very interested to see where this storyline will go, because there will most definitely be a war with the Lannisters. I don't know about the Martells, but the Lannisters don't have much money left and the only members still alive or in King's Landing are Cersei and Jamie. Jamie has one hand and I don't think Cersei can lead an army into battle, so I'm curious to see what will happen.

Finally we get to see Tyrion and Varys in Meereen and this part was just kind of weird to me, because they are having a nice chat and suddenly LOOK A PART OF THE CITY IS ON FIRE. What??? I think it's just for the best that Daenerys leaves Meereen and just conquers another city, because this is not going in the right direction...

Next we go to Daenerys, who is taken by the Dothraki. Now let me just say that I think the Dothraki men are disgusting. They take and rape whatever they want and say what they like to women, it makes me sick.
She is taken to the Khal of this khalasar and I thought everybody knew who she was, but apparently they don't. What they also don't know, is that Daenerys understands everything they say and I was just like awweeeyeah my girl Dany will fuck you up.
She tells them she is the widow of Khal Drogo and suddenly they are all respectful to her, which was very strange because seconds before they were talking about whether they should rape or behead her...Apparently the Dothraki have some kind of honour.
They now want to take Dany to Vaes Dothrak to be with the other widows of Khals and I was just like no no no don't take her there that's literally on the other side of the world.

After Daenerys we switch to Arya who is begging on the streets for money. This was another scene I found very weird. Suddenly this girl just appears again, who I really hate and is hitting Arya with a stick, again. She tells her to be at the training tomorrow, so we can assume Arya is welcome in the house of Black and White again...I think?
I wonder if Arya is going to find out Jon has died. He was also her favorite brother and in the book she and Jon often think about each other, which I really loved. I think Arya will be absolutely devastated if she find out Jon is dead.

Then we get to the final scene of the episode and this was just the biggest WTF of the episode. Melisandre is in her room, naked (of course) and she takes off the ruby necklace. Suddenly she turns into this super old woman with saggy boobs and grey hair and I was just like okay what the hell is going on. I really hope this will be explained in the next episode, because I don't know what to think anymore.

My theories for the season:
The first theory I believe 100% is the R+L=J theory. If you don't know what this means, you can read all about it here. It just feels like such a Game Of Thrones thing to happen. And I love the idea of the honourable Eddard Stark promising his dying sister to take care of her child and pretending it was his own.
There are two theories I believe about Jon's fate this season. I am a massive supporter of Melisandre ressurecting him, like Thoros of Myr did for Beric Dondarrion in season 2. Why would they show us that is it wasn't going to be important for something further on in the show? And Melisandre knows about ressurecting people too, because she asked Thoros how many times the Lord has brought him back.
Another Jon Snow theory I believe, that I recently read about, is that they will burn his body, like they always do, but instead of burning him, the fire brings him back to life, because he is a Targaryen and fire cannot kill a dragon. It's the same as happened with Daenerys her dragons in season 1.
I also hope that Arya will somehow regain her sight, because it can't be that she will be blind forever right? I don't think she will. I want her to get her sight back and be the most badass assassin that has ever lived.

Episode Rating: 8/10


  1. As always, I need to express myself about something I love.

    Firstly, Jon is breaking my heart and I still don't believe he's really dead even though there was like a ten-minute scene just telling me he's dead. I refuse to believe that.

    Secondly, Iwan Rheon. He's incredibly talented. (And if you only know him as an actor, you should DEFINITELY check out his music as well. His voice is amazing.) However, I absolutely despise him in GoT. He plays the character so wonderfully that it just brings the feels.

    Thirdly, I'm glad Stannis is dead and I'm glad that Sansa is all right and as much as I hated Theon's behaviour at first, I actually kind of like him (and he was seriously breaking my heart in this episode). I also love Brienne.

    When it comes to the scene with Cersei, I don't know. I mean, sure, it IS emotional as heck, but since I absolutely cannot stand that woman, I wasn't that affected by the scene. But as much as I don't like the Lannisters (except for Tyrion, maybe), I also kind of do like them and am interested in them.

    Who was breaking my heart, though, was Daenerys. I love her. I do. I got so emotional over the scene with her it's unbelievable.

    The Arya thing, that was one big WHAT. THE. HELL. for me. I like that little girl and she's just such a little cinnamon roll and I just don't want her to suffer.

    And of course, the closing scene. The Red Bitch. That was unexpected. Seems the necklace is kinda giving her the youth?

    For the theories - I definitely support the ones where Jon comes the fuck back to us in whichever way there will be because I need him to do so.

    Well, that was long, I'm sorry. :D Have a lovely day!

    1. Your long comment is no problem at all haha! I love to hear other people their theories and thoughts! :)
      I know Iwan his music, my favorite song of his is Dinard, it's such a lovely song and he has an AMAZING voice.
      I generally thought it was a really great episode.
      I'll be posting a review for every episode that is released this season, so I can't wait to read your thoughts :)

    2. Oh I've never heard that one! I'll definitely check it out. My favourite is probably bang bang, hah.

      Oh, well then, I'm already excited about your reviews to come! It's always nice to share thoughts on something you love with someone else. :)