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Thursday, April 21

Why Don't You Just Watch The Movie?

''Why would you read the book when you can just watch the movie?'' Every bookworm out there hates getting asked this question because it is just such an annoying and very ignorant thing to say. I just want to rant for a while about WHY exactly we choose to read the book instead of ''just watching the movie''.

The thing that bothers me the most about this, is that it is 99% of the time said by people who have never finished a book in their entire life. As a non reader why have NO idea what kind of emotions and feelings we bookworms are experiencing while reading. Feelings that a movie may be able to give you too, but when you actually read the novel it's based off, the feelings will be so much stronger, because everything is happening in your head.
I watch a lot of movies/tv shows and read a lot of books. Because of this, I can say that I always experience emotions a lot more when I'm reading a book. The characters feel like your friends and the story is so much more real. You live with these characters inside your head for a long amount of time and eventually, to me, they start feeling like people I actually know and care about. That is why us bookworms often get so emotional when something bad happens.
I've watched movies with sad moments in it, even movies that made me cry, but it is never quite the same as it is in a book. While watching a movie, I never felt such a strong connection to a character as I have felt in a book. I hate that we are seen as ''nerds'' just because we choose to experience the story in a much more beautiful way and are judged for it every single day. 

Another thing that makes the whole thing incredibly stupid, is that SO much information is left out in the movie, or storylines are changed completely or characters are let out entirely. Take the show Shadowhunters, for example. The show is enjoyable, but you can't even call it an adaptation anymore, because literally the only thing that is still the same, are the characters their names and the world they live in. So why should you read the book? Oh well maybe be cause it's completely different. I think the picture on the right is a very strong one, which captures the way it is really well. I just don't see why so many things have to be changed when they make an adaptation. Left out, I get, there is only a certain amount of time you have to fill your movie, but why change so much? It just seems so unneccesary.
So why would you read the book when you can also watch the movie? Because most of the times, the book is just so much better. Bookworms aren't just saying this for no reason, we are saying this because it is very true.

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