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Wednesday, May 4

TV Show Talk | Game Of Thrones

 Episode two of season 6 has just released and I am back with another review. The only non spoilery thing I can say is that I thought this episode was less good than last weeks, except for a few things that happened. If you do not want to be spoiled; don't continue reading.


We start off the episode with Bran and to be honest: I find Bran the least interesting person in this series, same goes for him in the books. I've read the first two and every time I get to a Bran chapter I'm just here like aaagghhhh can I skip this please.
I did like the flashback. I think Game Of Thrones does the flashbacks soooo incredibly well. Like the one with Cersei and the witch last season, that was great too. We got to see little Ned and Lyanna Stark, which was just a happy little scene. I also really liked that we got to see Hodor as Wyllis (or however you write his name). It really made me wonder what it is that happened to him that turned him into the idiot he is now...
The we get back to the tree and immediately it gets boring again, or at least I thought it did. I also don't really know how to feel about the Children of the Forest, because they're supposed to be these elf like child creatures, but the one we saw was a full grown woman...I liked the girl we saw at the end of season 4 more.

We then switch back to the Night's Watch and Ser Alliser (who I hate with a burning passion) is hacking the door down with his men and SURPRISE BITCHES IT'S THE WILDLINGS. I loved this scene SO much. I really like the Wildlings, always did and I love scenes with them. Tormund Giantsbane is actually one of my fav characters on the show.
I loved that when the giant smashed the guy against the wall, all the remaining Night's Watch men are throwing their weapons down like 'lol nope', it was hilarious.
I can't wait to see what will happen to the men that stabbed Jon, I hope they get executed (and Ser Alliser in the most painful way please).

Next we get to King's Landing and I honestly thought this was quite a boring scene. Cersei is not allowed to leave the the Red Keep on Tommen's orders, which I actually thought was quite sad, because she loves her children and really wanted to see Myrcella.
At this point my mom says ''I really hope she dies''. Actually I don't want Cersei to die, because no matter how much of a bitch she is, I really like her. I don't know what it is, but no matter how hard things get, she always stays strong. I think the show will become a lot less interesting is she were to die.
Tommen is talking to Jaime next to Myrcella's body and I don't remember much of this conversation because it was quite boring, but I do remember Jaime threatening the High Sparrow. I loved the thing Jaime said when the High Sparrow asked if he would spill blood in this holy place. ''Oh the Gods won't mind, they spilled more blood than all of us combined.'' I thought it was a really powerful quote, because these idiots all follow Gods who are more cruel than any person alive.
Tommen finally goes to see his mother and is asking her for help. I'm honestly scared to see what will happen next, because nothing good can come from Cersei helping out her son. I just hope Tommen doesn't turn into Joffrey 2.0 because I love his character and actually think he is a good king.

I loved the scene in Meereen. I could spend hours watching conversations between Tyrion and Varys, because they are always so funny. Drunk Tyrion gets the great idea to set the dragons free and goes down into the tomb of the pyramid to do so himself. Every time I see the dragons on this show I am yet again amazed by how real they look. The CGI is just amazing, great job on that show. I'm curious to see what's going to happen now that Tyrion was the one who freed the dragons. Are they going to turn on Daenerys and follow Tyrion? Is Tyrion going to fly a dragon too?

Next we go to Arya and I have to be really honest here: I expected so much more from her storyline in Braavos. At the end of season 4 when she gets on that ship, I was so incredibly excited to see her become a badass assassin, but all that happened last season was sweeping floors. beating with sticks and cleaning corpses...Such an anti-climax.
I did like to see how invested she is in being no one, because when Jaqen told her she would get her eyes back if she would say her name, I was expecting her to break.
Now that she is going back to the faceless men, I really hope we get to see some badass training scenes because that's what I've been waiting for, for about one and a half season now...

Now the next scene really surprised me. Ramsay Bolton STABS his father in the heart. Now Roose really deserved to die, and I found it quite amusing that he died the same way as Robb, who he stabbed in the heart. I have to say: I really don't want Roose to be dead at this point, because Ramsay ruling the North is SO MUCH WORSE. Roose, despite the fact that he betrayed Robb, has some common sense and Ramsay is just insane. That scene where he fed his mother and brother to the hounds just fucked me up. I knew he was going to kill them the moment he stabbed Roose in the heart, but it was just horrible.
I feel like the show makers are just trying too hard to make Ramsay as evil as possible. It has gotten to the point where I can predict what's going to happen next and it's just not believable anymore...
I am curious to see what Ramsay is going to do next, though. Is he going to storm Castle Black and kill Jon Snow like he offered to do? It's such a stupid idea, the Night's Watch is literally the only thing between Westeros and the White Walkers and you are going to storm their castle. Ramsay are you just straight up dumb? (probably yes)

Something that didn't happen in this episode that I wonder: are the White Walkers really not able to get on top of the wall? Because during the Hardhome scene last season we saw them standing on top of this ice wall too and they could just get off without getting hurt...So what is with the Wall that makes them not able to get up?

Next, Brienne is sitting with Sansa and tells her she has seen Arya looking healthy and dressed as a boy. At this point I'm actually hoping for a Sansa and Arya reunion. I don't know why, but I would really like to see that.
We learn Theon is planning to go home and I don't know when this happened, but I am actually starting to like Theon, even after all he has done...What the hell is wrong with me?

After that little scene, we switch to the Iron Islands and see a conversation between Balon and Yara Greyjoy. I just think Balon is being stupid and ignorant and really deserved to die. That scene with Euron Greyjoy kinda confused me, though, because we no absolutely nothing about this character who is now suddenly showing up and killing Balon, what???!! I can't wait to see what's going to happen here next.
I hope Yara is chosen to rule the Iron Islands, because I love her so much. I hate how women are really seen as the weaker sex in this world, so when a badass lady like Arya or Briennne or Yara appears, I just hope the best for them. I actually think she would make a great leader.

Finally we get to the moment we have all been waiting for: Davos is asking Melisandre is she can ressurect Jon. I really liked seeing how Melisandre has lost all her faith in the Lord of Light and says that all she has seen was a lie, but this made me really scared for the whole bringing Jon back to life deal.
My heart was just pounding when she was saying the ''spell'' that is supposed to bring Jon back and the whole time I was thinking ''It's not going to work, it's not going to work''. BUT IT DID. Oh my god they teased us soooo much with this, but let's be real: we all knew he was going to come back. I was expecting for them to drag this out all season and bring him back the last scene of the season finale, so that we would have to wait a whole other year to see what would happen next, but I'm really glad it didn't.

Episode Rating: 6.8/10


  1. Oh, I was SO looking forward to this post!

    Agh, I feel the same about Bran! I'm always like "this screen time could have been dedicated to Dany or someone". But yes, the flashback was cute. And just like you said - I'm interested in whatever had happened to Wyllis? is it? I thought it was Wallace but one never knows with these names.

    I LOVED THE SCENE WITH WILDLING SO MUCH OH MY GOD HOW THE GIANT JUST SMASHED THE ASSHOLE THAT WAS HILARIOUS. I'm also really interested what will happen to these bitches who stabbed Jon (especially the boy whats-his-name. I can't believe I actually liked him once. Little fucker, he is.).

    Oh, the Lannisters. I actually don't like Tommen I don't even know why. The scene with Cersei was sad, and the scene with Jamie was great. I like Jamie a lot.


    I hope that Arya will just be happy because I hate to see her the way we saw her in the two episodes of this season. The scene with getting back her eyes if she said her name actually broke ME instead of her, and I love her. She's my favourite Stark child.

    And I feel the same about Ramsay. I have to say, I didn't expect him to stab his father, but once he did, I just KNEW he was going to kill the two as well. Again, I didn't expect the way he was going to do that. He's insane, totally, but Iwan plays him SO good that I actually "like" his character in the way that I'm really interested in him and what happens to him.

    I want to see Sansa and Arya together as well. They deserve at least this one happy moment (I'm sure that if they actually do, something awful will happen because GoT characters just can't be happy). And with Theon - I like him as well. He's breaking my teeny tiny heart.

    And I'm actually pretty glad that the dumbass Balon died. I hated him.

    AND MY BABY JON. Actually, Tumblr fucked up and spoiled me, so I knew he was coming back a few hours before I watched the episode, BUT IT WAS STILL SO EMOTIONAL FOR ME!! And I almost died when I realised it was the LAST SCENE OF THE EPISODE AND NOW WE'LL HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK?????

    Oh my god, this series is gonna be the death of me. I'm so glad you're making these post so I can actually talk my heart about about it with someone (I hope I'm not too annoying with that). So keep up the good job!

    Have a lovely day!

    1. I feel like everybody in this world just deserves some happiness, though I doubt they will ever be *cries*. I try soooo hard to avoid spoilers, but it's SO hard they are literally everywhere. Like the cover of Entertainment has Kit Harington on it with the text 'He's Alive'
      I don't mind your comments at all! I'm so glad you are enjoying the blogposts I write haha! It means a lot.
      I guess I'll see you for my post of episode 3 hahaha!