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Monday, February 29

Thoughts Authors Have

As some of you might know, we are about 100.000 words into our first fantasy novel and are planning our second book series at this very moment. As aspiring authors, we have come across some strange thoughts we are sure other authors have had as well. Today we will take you into the creative brain of an author and share all our secret thoughts with you.

*while rereading the last chapter you wrote*
"Jee, I wonder what is going to happen next..."
Wait, I'm the author.

"What if I just kill of this character...?"

*Thinks deeply*
"No, too precious. I'll kill that one"

*while writing a sad scene*
Poor character, it really deserves better. 

*staring at an empty screen*
"What are words and how do I make them again?"

"Please publish my book, pls, I promise that the ending is worth it"
By that I mean the end of the sixth book ;)

*staring at empty screen again*
"I wonder what youtube is up to"

*Does anything but write*
''Ayo Tumblr. What'up my matey"

*book is already 20.000 words*
"Lmao, I haven't even finished 1/3 of the book. Lmao

"Fantasy. Okay, I need the strangest name that I can possibly find"
*uses fantasy name generator*
"okay maybe one less strange?"

"Can these two just do it already? It's obvious they are into each other"
*frustrated dinosaur sounds*

*underneath the shower*
"Ohmygod I have the best idea ever"

*on the toilet*
"Ohmygod I have the best idea ever"

*wakes up from sleep gasping* 
"Ohmygod I have the best idea ever"

*while editing past chapters*
''What the heck. I don't remember writing this... Did I really write this. Iewl #sobad"

*scrolls further down*
"Oh this I remember. Haha. I'm hilarious"

*cracks knuckles*
*puts on badass music*
"Epic battle here I come"

"If this character was real. It would so hate me"
*deepest sigh ever*

''I can hardly remember what happened the last six chapters. What do I do now"
*Panic mode activated*

Soo.. That is kind of how we think sometimes... Yes. A little crazy and unorginized... Or well a whole lot. I hope you enjoyed that! Make sure to follow our blog so you get notifications when we upload and leave a comment :D!

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