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Friday, December 2

Bookish Gifts For Book Lovers

December, the festive season. A nice warm fire crackling in the fireplace, warm chocolate with little marshmallows, the Christmas's tree lights bringing the living room and most importantly giving and receiving personal gifts. During this season, you are being put to the ultimate test to find the perfect gift. This isn't always an easy task especially for someone you hardly speak to since they have their nose buried in a book 24/7, we made it a little easier. These are gifts we book lovers would love and appreciate to receive. 
Yes, candles. These however aren't just candles, they are scented candles that smell like bookish things. For instance Harry Potters butter beer. Some examples of Etsy accounts who sell them are 'BurningPagesCandles' and 'TheMeltingLibrary'! This is a fun and unique gift perfect for during reading time. And also; which book lover doesn't want their room to smell like their favorite character? *sniffs Rowan Whitethorn candle one more time*

Picture credit to alaskanbookventures, candle store The Melting Library

On you can find a lot of personalized bookmarks, whether it's about a book/series, a character or just books in general. Most of which are made by hand and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You could even try making one yourself!

Bookmarks credit: HappyHelloCo on Etsy

If you have never heard of Funko's you are missing out! Funko's are dolls that look like My Sims characters and they have a lot of bookish characters (but also games and anime). Which book lover wouldn't love to have a figure of their favorite character to decorate their beloved bookshelf with?

A mug is also a great idea to gift to your bookish friend. If you simply go to and search 'Book Mug' you'll get a load of different sellers. And if you don't want to order one and pay for shipping on top of that, or want a more personalized one, you can also design one yourself! That's what I did with my mug that you can see in the picture down below. Just go to one of those websites where you can print pictures onto things, design a photo with your quote and order it!

Books, duh
Obviously, the best book gift for a book lover are books. Take a look at your friends 'to read' list on Goodreads if you don't want them to find out, or just ask them which book they really want. What's even more fun is to buy your friend a book that you really liked, that way you can talk about it together! The best website for ordering books is probably, they have good prices, sometimes great deals and free shipping worldwide! AND on top of that you get an adorable free bookmark with every order, which you can also give to your friend or secretly keep yourself.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that you receive many great bookish gifts. Let us know in the comments what you are planning to buy for your friends and if this blogpost helped you with your decision!

~ Amber and Shania


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