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Wednesday, February 24

Let's Talk | Adaptations

 Book to movie/tv show adaptations, if they are done well, it's the greatest thing there is, but if they are done wrong, a lot of fans are pissed off. Today I'll give you my opinion on adaptations.

For me it really depens on the adaptation itself. I have seen some really great and some really bad adaptations. My favorite book to movie adaptation is definitely The Hunger Games by Suzanne
Collins. I read the Hunger Games books before the first movie had come out and at the time I hadn't seen any adaptations, so I didn't know what to expect.
 When I saw the movie I was definitely not disappointed. The movies are so true to the movies and the cast was incredible. The characters look exactly the way I pictured them in the books. Besides this they are all amazing actors, which makes the movies even better.

Another adaptation I love is Game Of Thrones, based of the famous Song Of Ice And Fire series by George R R Martin. I have to be honest, I watched the tv show before I read the books, but I'm so glad I decided to pick the books up too, because they are so great. I usually love it when an adaptations is true to the books, which isn't really the case with Game Of Thrones. The first season was pretty true to the first book, but as the series furthers, it changes a lot from the books, which in this case I actually don't mind. I like (most) of the changes the show makers decided to make. I wish HBO would make every tv show adaptation because they do it so well: the actors, the costumes, the script, the CGI, everything is amazing.
It rarely happens that I like an adaptation more than the actual book, but there is one case in which I actually live the movie better. This is Lord Of The Rings by J R R Tolkien. I read the first LOTR book 'The Fellowship Of The Ring' a while ago and don't get me wrong, it's an AMAZING book, but there were parts that were soooo incredibly slow. That sometimes made the book a bit boring to me, even though the general story is fantastic. In the movie they left all these boring parts out, which, to me, made it better, or at least just as great.

I have also seen some pretty terrible book to screen adaptations. I think we can all agree on the Mortal Instruments movie: City Of Bones. Even though it was pretty true to the book, it wasn't great. The only thing I really liked was Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace, because he's the most Jace person I've ever seen. I was so happy when we were getting another shot at something Mortal Instruments related to watch, but then I saw the first two episodes of Shadowhunters...If you've read my reviews you know I think it's getting better now that we're further into the series, but it's still not great...I do hope it will continue, though, because the show is enjoyable.

As you can tell I have some really mixed feelings about book to screen adaptations, sometimes they're great and sometimes they're horrible. It really depends on the actors, the writers, the producers, just everything...
I have to be honest though: I wouldn't want my book turned into a movie or a tv show, because the chance of it being horrible is just too big, so unless HBO or Lionsgate asks me to turn it into an adaptation and I can do the casting myself and script writing myself, I'll kindly turn down anyone's offer

~ Amber

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