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Saturday, April 9

Burn, Re-write, Re-read Book Tag

I saw thegirlwhoreadtoomuch do this tag and it seemed like so much fun. I had to do it too. This is how it goes: You go to your read shelf on goodreads, click on random and use the three books that show up first. From those you choose a book to burn, re-write and re-read. Basically the book version of fuck, marry and kill. Don't hate me for some of these picks, because it was completely random. Sometimes I had to choose from three of my favourite books and I didn't even want to think about burning them.

Question of the day:

Out of the three latest books you read, which one would you burn, re-write and re-read? Let us know in the comments.

First Round
Burn: I am definitely going to burn New Moon, the second book in the Twilight Saga. I thought this book was soooooo boring and long, the only part I liked was the ending. I honestly don't even own a physical copy of this book.
Re-Write: I would rewrite Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I really liked this novel, especially the romance, but I felt like it was really Harry Potter-ish and that is something I would've changed.
Re-Read: I would definitely re-read Shatter Me. I was actually plannning on doing so soon, maybe during my spring break or something. I love this story (and Warner).

Second Round
Burn: This one wasn't hard at all. If you've read our blogpost before, you know I hated Allegiant and would never ever ever reread it. I don't even want to think about this book. Just, no.
Re-Write The thing I would probably change about this novel was the whole victory tour and everything that took like 3/4 of the book. The part where Katniss is in the arena again was only like 100 pages and the whole part before that was quite boring.
Re-Read: Again, if you often read our blogposts, you will know Queen Of Shadows is my favorite book, together with another one I will talk about in a further round. I actually started 2016 off with a Queen Of Shadows re-read and actually already feel like re-reading it again, because I love this book so incredibly much.

Third Round
Burn: Now this was one of these times I got 3 of my favorite books to choose from, and I loved Ignite Me, it's actually my fav book in the trilogy, but I love City of Bones and Clockwork Prince more, so I'm sorry Warner, but I'm not choosing you this time.
Re-Write: Now again, I love this book and Cassandra Clare is my favorite author, together with Sarah J Maas. The thing I would change about this books is maybe make Clary a little bit less annoying, because I really disliked her in this book...But besides this I really liked this novel, so I wouldn't change much.
Re-Read: I just read all the Infernal Devices books and I loved them so incredibly much. Even more than the Mortal Instruments, which is why I chose Clockwork Prince as a re-read. I just loved this book, the story was great, the characters were great. It was just amazing.

Fourth Round 
Burn: I would definitely burn Passeger, which may sound a bit mean, but I ended up being so disappointed when I read this book. I expected to love it, but that wasn't the case.
Re-Write: I was really, really surprised when I chose to re-write Throne Of Glass, because it has been my fav series for a long time, until I read the Infernal Devices. I love them equally now, it's very confusing for me, because I never expected to love a series as much as I love Throne Of Glass.
Re-Read: I would definitely re-read Clockwork Princess, even though I'll probably end up as a sobbing mess again, because that is what happened the first time I read it. This book was incredible, though, just incredible.

Fifth Round
Burn: I really didn't like I Was Here by Gayle Forman. I was just disappointed and when I started I could already guess what was going to happen and overall it just didn't wow me at all...
Re-Write: I didn't really enjoy The Fault In Our Stars either. I just thought it was really cheesy and I don't like cheesy stories. I'm just not much of a contemporary person. I like epic battles and death and blood, I think you understand why I didn't like this. I also thought the death in this book wasn't that sad, honestly...
Re-Read: This is my least favorite book in the Throne Of Glass series, but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy it, it just didn't wow me as much as the other novels. I really liked reading about Celaena's backstory and that's mainly the reason why I'd reread this book.

Sixth Round
Burn: I loved the first two books in the Hunger Games trilogy, but I thought Mockingjay was quite boring (the first part). I just don't really think about it anymore, because I read it a long, long time ago and just don't remember much of it.
Re-Write: I liked this book and thought it was really different, but once I finished it, I didn't feel like reading the next two books. I was content with the ending this book had and didn't feel like continuing the story, which is maybe something I would've changed.
Re-Read: Of course I chose A Game Of Thrones as a reread, this is one of the best put together and thought through books I have ever read. The story is amazing, there are so many characters, the world is epic and it's just such an amazing book. I don't understand why people say they don't want to read these books, because they're so long. It's totally worth it, these books are so so so so great.

Final Round 
Burn: It was a very close call between Insurgent and Red Queen, because I thought both books deserved to be re-written, but I enjoyed Red Queen more, so Insurgent, I'm sorry but you're going into the fire (not literally of course). Overall I just didn't really enjoy this book and expected more from it, especially after how awesome I thought Divergent was.
Re-Write: I liked this book, but I have my problems with it. Currently I'm rereading it, which is actually funny because I didn't choose it for that option, but I would change the parts that were just really like other books I've read, because that if what made this book feel unoriginal to me.
Re-Read: Of course I chose ACOTAR for a re-read, I actually reread it right after I re-read Queen Of Shadows in January. I love this book so much, I think the characters are great and the story original, even for a fairy tale retelling, which means the story already exists. I didn't have that feeling at all when I read this. I can't wait for ACOMAF to come out.

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~ Amber


  1. Very interestng post! Of the ones I've read, I'd burn Mockingjay too. Though the Divergent series wasn't my favorite, I'd elect to re-write Allegiant. With better worldbuilding and narrative, the story could've been better improved.

  2. I would definitely rewrite Miss Peregrine's too. XD And I would burn I was Here in a heartbeat, omg, that book was so messed up. Aaaaand, I seriously loved Carry On but it would've been 39439% better if it'd been more original! The second half was AMAZING but that first half...yep, I'll get back you up for a rewrite of that. ;D
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!