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Thursday, April 7

A Writers Journal: Teaser

Chapter one: Names

     Pronunciation: Fay-n
     Gender: Male
     Meaning: Happy, Joyous
     Origin: English

Fane is a man of loyalty. Fane is always positive and looks for the best in people and things. When it comes to protecting his family and friends, Fane is fearless. Fane thrusts too easily, which occasionally leads to a broke heart of betrayal.  But even when going through heart breaking pain, he will remain sure that someone on this path, something good will come along. Some might even say that Fane is always Fearless. 

     Pronunciation: E-day-n
     Gender: Female 
     Meaning: jealousy; face.
     Origin: Celtic

Edain is one of a kind. The first thing you notice about Edain is her striking beauty, but she doesn't take pride in this. If you look past her looks, you find out that Edain has a great intellect. She knows what decisions must be made and is very aware of the consequences. She moves without hesitation and is always sure of her actions. The things she does can come of as selfish, but she has to take care of herself before she can take care of anyone else. Though Edain easily gets along with people, love is one of her greatest fears. And when she finds love, she will be extremely possessive and jealous.

     Pronunciation: Lie-sander
     Gender: Male
     Meaning: Freer of man
     Origin: Old Greek

Lysander is a man with many mysteries. He is hesitant to talk to you if you do not interest him. He therefor is very picky. He doesn't just like anyone. He tend to search for the more, special, little gems. Lysander seems sinister, but if you know him well, you are of knowledge that he would never harm anyone of innocence. Underneath his rather old fashioned clothes, Lysander has the body of a greek god. He also, knows his way with words.

     Pronunciation: Ow-des-sa
     Gender: Female
     Meaning: Long Journey
     Origin: Old Greek

Odessa, is a lost little snowflake. She is dreamy, loves to paint and can read for hours without moving an inch from her spot. She, is not so sure who she is. She has many interests that appeal to her, she has many jobs that she might want to do, but which one of these she likes the best is a question that will always rule her mind. Odessa is always doubting, sometimes even regretful. She tends to look back and tell herself, if you didn't make that decision, things would have been better. 

     Pronunctiation: Cae-yun
     Gender: Male
     Meaning: Acquired, spear.
     Origin: Hebrew.

Cain is a man of posture. By some he is seen as a great leader. He knows his way with words and can be very manipulative. Cain is someone you should always be cautious of. Cain is a man who always wants to be in control, he therefor hates to be put in situations where he has to surrender himself. Taking the elevator for instance. Cain can be extremely high-strung. When he is nervous about something he is either tapping his foot or biting his fingernails.

Question for the reader: Which names (not from this list) are your favourites?

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