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Tuesday, May 10

TV Show Talk | Game Of Thrones

The third episode of season 6 came out two days ago and today I am back with more of my thoughts. I love Game Of Thrones so incredibly much and it feels so good to write these episodes reviews on our blog.

So far I think it has been a good season, but not as exciting as I was hoping to be. That's about everything I can say without spoiling you, so if you've not seen every episode of every season yet, I recommend you don't continue reading.

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We start off the episode with Jon Snow's naked body, which is always an incredible start. Davos is standing in the room, which I found kind of strange, because I thought everybody has left when he came back from the dead. I really liked the horror on Jon's face as he realises his men betrayed him.
I saw an interview with the directors and they spoke about how Jon was never afraid of death, but now that he realises there is nothing after you die, he has something to live for and does not want to die. I thought it was a very strong scene and you could really feel Jon his pain.

Next Jon goes outside into the freezing cold and the only thing I could think was: if I had just been brought back to life, I would not want to be out in that cold, but okay that's probably only me. My mom and I (we always watch GOT together) laughed so hard when Tormund made that joke about Jon's penis it was like: yeah you're not a God because you've got a small penis. Great.

After the Jon scene we follow Sam and Gilly. Honestly I had completely forgotten that they were going somewhere and I don't really care about their storyline. Despite the fact that they are cute, I have never really cared about either of them and I just think this is a storyline we can do without.

Finally we get to see the Tower Of Joy flashback and like I explained in my episode one review: I believe the R+L=J theory 100%. I thought this was THE moment they were going to confirm that theory and I was SO excited for this scene. I love the sword fighting scenes on this show, they are done really well and everything looks so incredibly real. I thought her Arthur Dayne was epic with his two swords. To my great disappointment, the three eyed raven takes us away before we find out what's happening inside this tower.
I was also disappointed to hear that Rhaegar Targaryen is already dead at this point, because I really want to see him. I don't even know why, but I have a slight obsession with him.

After the very disappointing flashback scene we go to Daenerys who arrived at the Khal widows house and I'm so curious about what will happen next here. At the end of the scene it seems like Daenerys may not be allowed to stay in the temple and I can't wait to see what will happen in future episodes. I'm honestly hoping Drogon is coming to burn shit and save him mom.

Next we follow Varys who is talking to the woman who works for the Sons of the Harpy, which I enjoyed but didn't find particularly exciting or anything. After this, though, followed probably my favorite conversation of the season so far. Tyrion is trying to talk to Missandei and Grey Worm, who are very awkwardly sitting at the table. I loved that quote where he calls himself a wise men, it was very funny.
Varys comes back and informs everybody that the Sons of the Harpy are being financed by the masters of Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis. At this point I'm just like 'yeah you know, it's probably better is you just get the hell out of this city because you're all going to wind up dead otherwise'.

Another part I really liked was where Tommen goes to see the High Sparrow. Every time Tommen tries to achieve something I can't help but laugh, because he is still so young and has absolutely NO idea what the hell he is doing, but I appreciate him trying.

Arya is finally welcome in the House of Black and White again and is being beaten with sticks again. First I was like 'sigh here we go again', but this actually turned out to be a scene I highly enjoyed watching. Arya is finally learning and managed to hit that other girl in the face, which was great to watch.
Jaquen takes her to the little pool and my heart started beating faster. At that same moment my mom says 'Wait, doesn't that water kill you?' I was thinking the exact same thing. There is nothing to worry about, though, because if you're truly no one, the water won't kill you. Arya gets her sight back, which is great and I hope this storyline will get better now, because like I also explained in my previous review: I expected so much more from this.

I feel like we all used to love the North and the Northerners and are now all just like yeah no they're all bastards. At least that's how I feel. Ramsay is now ruling, which is obviously not great and the Karstarks are on his side. Some Umber guy comes before him and will swear no fealty to him, but does have a gift. Now I have to be honest: I already saw this was going to happen on facebook, so the surprise was kind of gone, but my mom had no idea so it was nice to see her reaction.
He bring Rickon and Osha forth and I wonder what Ramsay is going to do to him. I just hope he will not hurt little Rickon (who by the way got so big holyshit what are they feeding him). Ramsay asks how he can know for certain that this is indeed Rickon Stark and the head of his direwolf is thrown on the table. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS HURT THE POOR WOLVES ON THIS SHOW GOD DAMMIT IT'S SO UNNECCESARY.

The final scene of this episode is where Jon goes to deal with the men who killed him. This was such a powerful scene. Jon asks them for their last words and ser Alliser says he had a choice and will stay with it. No matter how much I hate this man, I do like that no matter what, he will do what he believes in. The only thing I found strange is that there are only four men up here, because there were definitely more that stabbed him during the season finale of season five and there were also more stab wounds in his chest, so where did the other men go?
Lastly, Edd tells Jon he should burn the bodies and Jon says he should do so himself, his watch has ended. I thought this was so incredibly beautiful. I didn't know what Jon would do when we was resurrected: stay at castle black or leave and he chose to leave. I wonder where he is going. Hopefully to kill Ramsay.
Can we also take a moment for the soundtrack they played here, it was such an incredibly sound check. The music they use on the show is always so beautiful, but I feel like this song was the most beautiful of them all. Listen to it here.

Episode Rating: 8/10


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