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Wednesday, September 14

Feelings I Get From Reading

I love to read and from the type of blog this is, that is no surprise to any of you. As a reader I've experienced many different kinds of feeling while reading a book and sometimes even after that. I've been wanting to write this blogpost for a very long time, but for me to explain my feelings is a really hard thing. I'm going to try anyway.

Question Of The Day:
What do you feel while reading?

Like I've Made New Friends
To non readers this will probably sound so extremely weird, but when I'm reading a book, I actually feel like I've made new friends. You read about these characters and learn about their back stories and follow them every step of the way. You know everything about these characters; the way they feel, what they think, who they do and do not like, what their biggest goals in life are.
Throughout a book I can actually feel myself becoming so attached to these characters that I feel like they're my friends. Whenever I feel bad, I just open my book and follow these characters that I love and immediately feel so much better.

Extreme Sadness
You follow this characters journey throughout one or several books and then they just die. Sometimes when an author does that, it actually feels like I've lost a loved one, that's how much impact the death of a character can have on me. 
Another type of sadness I experience while reading is when two lovers are torn apart for whatever reason. Sarah J Maas really enjoys doing this in her novels and it fucks me up every time. I'm just left sobbing at my book for 20 minutes contemplating life and I feel absolutely horrible.


Ending A Book I Really Loved
This is a very specific type of feeling and I have no idea if I'm the only one who experiences this. When I finish a book that I really, really loved, I am left with this terrible aching feeling in my heart because I loved something so much and it's just over. I had this really badly with A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J Maas. I loved that book so incredibly much, that when I finish it, I literally couldn't sleep because I felt so awful that I had finished the book. This is why I sometimes read books 2 times in a row. I just can't let go of the world and the characters, I just need to live that story for a little while longer.
Let's talk about something less depressing now. Books make me happy too, I mean don't we all love a book that makes us happy? When characters I have shipped for the longest time finally get together (this has made me cry many times, I'm looking at you Sarah). When they finally achieve what they've been fighting for, when I read an amazing book. These are all things that make me happy.

Books make me understand people better. Let me give you an example. I once read a book about a girl with anorexia. At that point I only knew that it's a decease and that it makes you really thin. I never really understood why people with an eating disorder don't When I read this book I started to understand how this girl with anorexia felt and why she couldn't just eat more. I've had this quite some times in books not and I think that it has made me understand people better.


More Intelligent
Books make you smarter, that's a fact. I've experienced this many times already. When I read Between Shades Of Gray, for example. I knew absolutely nothing about the genocide of the Baltic people and I've learned so much from that book. Same goes for when I read Outlander. I learned so much about Scotland and the people that live there and their traditions and all of that, just because I've read a book. I think this is a beautiful thing.

I think I've covered most of them. Again, I have quite a hard time explaining the way I feel, but I hope you enjoyed this blogpost anyway. Don't forget to share all your reading feels in the comments!

~ Amber

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  1. No matter what, when I finish a book I feel depressed because I just finished something so good and will never get to continue that exact storyline - given the book isn't a series - and then I have to search for a new book. UH. The book searching process is just treacherous.