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Saturday, September 3

This or That Tag | Amber

 I'm gonna do this tag as well, since Shania tagged me. I feel like I already answered some of these questions in my Rapid Bookfire tag, but you know, maybe my opinion has changed over the past one and a half week. Also my opinions are choices are quite different from Shania's, so that should be interesting.

Question Of The Day:
Male main character of female main character. Why?

Reading on the couch or in bed?
I'm a couch reader, just because I don't think my bed is a comfortable reading place at all. I have a pretty big corner in my room where nothing is standing besides an old rocking chair (which is not a comfy reading spot), so I've actually been searching the internet for a nice reading/lounge chair.

Male main character of female main character?
I highly prefer female main characters. Almost all of the books I read have a female protagonist (I just realised that). I think it's mostly because I'm a massive feminist and I love a strong female lead. I'll never get enough of that.

Sweet snacks or salty?
Oh sweet ones, definitely. When I eat something salt, I'm spend the next 10 hours drinking water and I hate it.

Trilogies or quartets?
It depends on the series, really. If the story can be told in 3 books, it shouldn't be dragged out to 4 books, but usually I like the longer the better.

First person POV or thrid person?
That's easy: third person. I get so annoyed when a book is written in first POV when it's not done rightly. There are books I enjoy in first person, like ACOTAR by Sarah J Maas, but overall I prefer third person.

Read at night or in the morning?
Morning, definitely. I'm a morning person and usually my days are so busy that when I get home from college or work, I'm ready to go to bed and never wake up again...Well, not until the next morning, at least.

Libraries or Bookstores
I NEVER go to the library. I hate the library. The books always look so used and when I enjoy a book, I wanna own a copy of it, and not bring it back so that someone else might spill coffee over it or let their dog chew the book (literally, I've seen those things in library book).
But about the bookstore, I love going there and looking at all the books, but they are so expensive. I wanna go to the bookstore and buy all my books there, I really do, but I see paperbacks of like 400 pages for €14 - €16, while I can get them online for €10 or even less if there is a good deal and let's not start about the prices of hardcovers in bookstores.

Books that make you cry or books that make you laugh?
Books that make me cry. I'm probably the only person ever who prefers that. I'm not a very emotional person in real life, it takes a lot to really hit me in the feels, so I love a book that manages to do that.


Black book covers or white ones?
White ones, I looooove white book covers, they always look so pretty.

Character driven or plot driven stories?
Plot driven stories. No matter how nice the characters are, a bad plot will still me a bad plot. I can live with characters that I don't like a lot when the plot is great. I had that when I read The Mortal Instruments. I thought Clary was SO incredibly annoying, but the plot was amazing, which made Clary a little less annoying.

~ Amber

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  1. Couch or bed reader?
    Honestly I could read anywhere and everywhere and I'm very thankful for that gift but if I'd have to choose between couch or bed. Couch wins. Just because if I was in my bed I'd end up sleeping and not reading.
    Male or female main character?
    Male, now-a-days a female lead is seen everywhere. I just want some gender change every once in a while.
    Sweet or salty snacks?
    Sweet. Eating something salty is asking for discomfort. Ex. Chips. I hate the taste of soggy chips. Bleh.
    Trilogies or quartets?
    If you can get a story told in less than 4 books. Trilogies. Otherwise so long as you don't screw anything up make a series 42 books long. I love being immersed in a storyline and getting to see how big a universe can be and how one person can impact it.
    First person or third person POV?
    Third. The fact that you can tell me what's going on in other peoples heads during a crisis is amazing. I love knowing how every character would react to something and each personality they have.
    Reading at morning or at night?
    I prefer the afternoon. Mostly because as a college student my classes end towards the afternoon and reading at night stresses my eyes.
    Libraries or bookstores?
    Libraries because I spent most of my time at a library when I was younger with my friends and wish to own my own private library when I get a house or apartment.
    Books that make me cry or laugh?
    Books that make me cry. Crying due to a book means that you were that connected to it and that really speaks to me.
    Black or white book covers?
    White. They tend to be more detailed and look better.
    Character or plot driven books?
    Plot. The fact that 10 people fled a planet from a predatory race AND they have specific superpowers? Amazing. The I am Number Four series had that good of a plot. The characters weren't even bad. But I digress.