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Thursday, December 1

TV Show Talk | Game Of Thrones S7 Expectations

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones is still a very long way off, but since the first mini clips of it were released recently, I want to share my thoughts and expectations with you and since nobody knows anything about what's going to happen, since The Winds Of Winter isn't out yet, we can only guess. If you are not completely caught up with the story yet, I recommend you don't read this blogpost because SPOILERS will follow. You have been warned.

Jon and Daenerys
I am going to warn you one last time, because spoilers for something that will definitely happen in Season 7 are following. So I've been spoiled for this as well, because I didn't know or WANT to know that this was going to happen in S7, but Facebook ruined it for me. Thanks Facebook.
Yes, Jon and Dany are definitely going to meet in Season 7. I already thoughts so, though. Since Dany wants to rule Westeros and Jon had been proclaimed King in the North, the only logical thing would be that they meet and become allies. Jon hates the Lannisters and Dany hates the Lannisters. 
I can't even imagine the army they will raise together. I mean think about it, Dany had the Unsullied and the Second Sons as an army and the Martells, Tyrells and Greyjoys (kinda) backing her up with all their soldiers. Jon has all the houses in the North and the Wildlings backing him. Oh and let's not forget about the fact that Dany has 3 DRAGONS. Cersei, if I were you, I'd be scared.

Cersei the Mad Queen
Speaking about Cersei, I really like the way her storyline is going, she was honestly one of the most interesting characters in Season 6 for me. Throughout all the seasons, you can slowly see Cersei become more and more evil, until she completely looses her mind at the end of season 6 and blows up the Sept of Baelor. The scariest about all of this is that the only thing that kept her human was her love for her children, but now that they are all dead, she will truly become the 'Mad Queen' that everybody had been talking about.
What I expect of her in season 7 is 1: that she starts killing everybody that is against her or doesn't please her and 2: that she goes insane fearing Daenerys and her army while trying to come up with a plan to defeat her without actually having to face her, a typical Cersei move.

Arya reuniting with Sansa and Jon
I've been waiting for an Arya x Jon reunion ever since they seperated in season one and I feel like next season that will definitely happen. I had no idea Arya had already travelled to Westeros until she murdered Walder Frey in the season finale. 
I also want her to reunite with Sansa, even though they were never on good terms. Throughout the seasons you can see Sansa and Arya missing each other and kind of accepting one another, even though they are apart. 
I do think that Sansa and Jon will be shocked by the fact that Arya became and assassin and that their little sister is now a killer. I especially think Jon will have a difficult time believing this, and that he will see her in a completely different light. I just hope it won't make him hate her or anything.


Jaime, Tyrion and Cersei Reuniting
This isn't something I think will happen, but rather something I hope will happen, and that is a Jaime x Tyrion x Cersei reunion. I know Cersei and Jaime have already reunited a couple times, that's not very special, but I want Tyrion to meet them again, hopefully with Daenerys at his side, so that Cersei will know that her brother in now with the enemy. I can already imagine the hate on her face and her telling him she always knew he was bad.
I just hope that Jaime won't kill Tyrion, because he did tell Cersei he would after Tyrion killed Tywin, but than again, he also told Tyrion he'd never kill his brother.

Jaime killing Cersei
As some of you may know, there is a prophecy that Cersei will be killed by one of her brothers, a witch has said this. The same witch told Cersei that she would outlive all her children and that she would be queen until a younger and more beautiful would come. 
I really like the idea of Jaime killing Cersei, which may sound very bad, but I want him to be the one to kill her. Cersei is the only woman Jaime had ever loved, but when she was in that throne room, you could tell by his face that he was realising how crazy she really is.
I love Jaime Lannister (well, season 3+ Jaime) and he has showed so many times that he is actually a good guy and this will be the ultimate way for him to redeem himself.


I've said so before and I will say so again: I love Rhaegar Targaryen, even though I've never seen him before. I really, really hope we will see him in Season 7. They were teasing us so much with those flashbacks in the last season, but we never got to see him.
I think that this time we actually will. An actor named 'Devin Oliver' was cast for the 7th season and he looks exactly like Rhaegar Targaryen (and if very handsome). If you google him, the articles will pop up immediately. 

Jon Finding Out He's A Targaryen
This has to happen in Season 7 right? I mean he's going to meet Daenerys and we all know it. Though it would be really something for Jon to be the only one not knowing something...Right now Bran in the only who knows, so in order for Jon to know Bran has to find him first.
The only thing I wonder is whether or not Jon is going to believe him or not. I mean he is his brother and all (or actually he isn't), but how would you feel is your apparently-not-brother would tell you ''oh a tree gave me a vision and haha, it's funny but uhm, you're actually a Targaryen''. Yeah, think about that. 


Brienne and Jaime
I want Brienne and Jaime to get together so bad. I know there was a little something that people saw between Brienne and Tormund, and even though I really like him, he shouldn't end up with Brienne. Her and Jaime have so much history together and went through so much. When they are in the same room you can see them being happy and generally just relying on one another. I also think that Brienne showed us the good side of Jaime, because I started liking him in Season 3 when they were traveling to King's Landing together.
And just look at this, don't tell me this is not cute:

Sam and Gilly
Is there anyone who actually cares about their storyline? Because I don't. Literally, where are they going with this? They spend an entire season getting from Castle Black to Oldtown and I feel like their storyline will just be the most boring part of the season. I like Sam as a character and I like him with Gilly, but I do not care about Sam training to become a Maester and Gilly just doing dishes or something.

Bran and Meera 
Oh look it's another storyline I do not care about one bit. It's no secret that I've always found Bran's storyline so incredibly boring. Whenever I get to his chapters in the book I literally feel like skipping the entire thing, because they are so boring.
I do see how his POV is important in Season 7, since he is the only one who can tell Jon he's a Targaryen, but can we just get to that point and be done with him? Oh and let's not forget about the fact that he had one of those visions while he was told not to, got an entire White Walker/Wights army to their doorstep and KILLED HODOR. Yeah, I don't like Bran.

White Walkers
Oops, I keep forgetting about the White Walkers. I mean they're a very serious problem, but compared to everything else that's happening in Westeros, I just keep forgetting them. 
Will they get over the wall in Season 7? I do not think so. I think that the creators will first let Cersei and Daenerys have a battle (or well, their armies), make Dany queen, end the season and keep the White Walkers for Season 8, the final season, in which they will either beat the White Walkers or will all be destroyed. Judging from the fact that George said the series will have a bittersweet ending and that they love killing off characters, everybody will most likely die.

 Wow, sorry for that gigantic blogpost, but Game Of Thrones is my favorite show and I have a lot of expectations for the seventh season. Don't forget to comment all your thoughts and expectations in the comments so we can discuss the upcoming season together!

~ Amber

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