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Thursday, January 28

25 Bookish Facts About Me | Shania

#1: I could read at a very young age,
I'm not entirely show how old I was when I could read, but I can remember that I was the first of my class. I even owned little children's books, my ultimate favourite used to be 'Pinkeltje'.

#2: I am unable to read dutch books,
Ever since I picked up my first English book getting into a Dutch book has become extremely hard. Perhaps because I tend to think that when a book gets translated a lot of the atmosphere gets lost.

#3: Books are my to go to present,
Even if the person is not a big reader, I will do everything in my power to buy a book of interest. I think it should just become my trademark and the people will have to deal with it. Kekekekeke.

#4: I don't really have a bookshelf,
SHAME! I know but the thing is, I have divorced parents and I tend to share my books along their different locations. Which occasionally sucks because when you wanna read that certain book, you find out it's at your other home.

#5: Books and tea are my favorite combo,
I just love drinking tea while reading. It makes that moment extra cosy. And I of course purposely put in a little too much honey so it's extra sweet!

#6: When I'm reading no one is allowed to talk to me,
I am one of those persons that can't concentrate when there is too much happening around me. So don't ever talk to me when you see me being caught up in a book! Please for your own safety, DON'T DO IT!

#7: I always fall for the bad guys,
Always. And most of the time it doesn't even matter if he or she killed one of the other characters I adore. I will probably just see passed it and say, 'Aww, he's such a cutie. Look at him killing all those people. Such a cute puppy dog!'

#8: I tend to read a lot of things on my phone,
Whether it's a fanfiction on Wattpad or whether it's an Ebook. I sometimes just really like reading on my phone. Especially when I'm on my way and it tends to become a little busier in public transfer or wether I have forgotten to bring a book that day! 

#9: Doggy earing pages makes me feel uneasy,
It just. I don't know, I've never felt comfort with bending my own book pages so when I see somebody else do it, I want to hit them with one of my hardcover books and teach them a lesson how to be kind to your precious books.

#10: I wish there were waterproof books,
once I was taking a bath in Serbia (my grandfather lives there) and I had one of my books positioned at the corner of the bathtub because I wanted to read it in the bathtub. Then my mother came in and bumped the book in the water and I'm still upset when I think about the bend pages and faded letters.

#11: I hardly ever ship people,
It's like I am unable. I cannot ship people, it just hardly happens. There are but a few couples I like, but I still wouldn't say I really badly ship them. Destiel however, is an exception.

#12: My little niece of nine is exactly me,
meaning that she is an extreme bookworm. I even bought her an English book because she wanted to try it because I always read in English. So I bought her a cheap Narnia book that I found at a triftbookstore. She loves it!

#13: The Nameless is one of the first books I actually continued writing,
I always started certain stories and wrote down ideas. Sometimes I even came up with ten or so chapters but I never really finished any of those stories.  So I am actually really glad that there is finally a book that keeps having my attention, may there come many more! 
Curious about our book? Check the page above, you can't miss it!

#14: When I like a character I will most definitely search for a fanfiction,
My Wattpad library is full of still unread stories, but when I fall in love with a character, I just need to search for fanfictions. I don't know why.. but it has started to become quite of an.. addiction.

#15: I always get book vouchers for my birthday,
there will be either two or three people to give me one, and those people I will praise the most.

#16: Most of the time I'm a nighttime reader,
I can literally still be reading when it's around 2am. I even tend to pick up my book before bedtime. This occasionally causes me to disturb my sleeping schedule kekekekek.

#17: I am a big poetry nerd,
I love it. I love it. Love. Love. Love it.
Michael Faudet must be my favourite poet and I am dying to own poetry books, there's this massive Edgar Allen Poe book at Waterstones but it's so expensive..

One day.

#18: I have my eyes on a stunning The Hobbit hardcover,
And I need it! The cover is so gorgeous but the book is quite expensive and I haven't gotten myself to buying it yet. One of the reasons I need to become a billionaire.

#19: I haven't read the LOTR yet,
but I really want to and most definitely will. So have patience.

#20: I am very new on Booklr,
And I recently made my blog with the help of Amber. I already have more than 30 followers which I already find a lot kekeke, don't be shy and give me a follow. Self advertisement at it realest.

#21: I never really read contemporary books,
Somehow I always tend to stick to reading series. The only contemporary book I have willingly read was 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' by Mark Haddon. Which is a book I really enjoyed reading. Who knows, maybe I need to read some more contemporary books.

#22: I tend to stay away from hyped books,
I've always preferred books that were a little more unknown. And I do read hyped books as long as they are not too hyped like the Hunger games for instance.

#23: I've never listened to an audio book,
And I am not planning on doing so. I think reading just.. I just prefer reading it myself.

#24: I feel like we need more books with male main characters,
Just because female main characters have been a big thing nowadays, I would love to see more male characters. Hence why Simon is Simon and not Simone.
This is a reference to our book.

#25: My favourite genre will alway remain to be,
Fantasy. And it fudging rules.


  1. Ooh, thse were fabulous facts!! I totally enjoyed reading this :D I looooved the Curious Incident too, although I'm not the most massive contemporary fan...I mean, I DO read contemporary a lot? But I prefer fantasy. And aww, that's awesome that your niece is following in your footsteps! MINE IS TOO. I take her to the library every week and she literally wants to get out all the books she can get her hands on. xD She's only 3, so I can only imagine what she'll be like once she graduates to chapter books!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I prefer to read fantasy as well! Tend to stick to that genre a lot gehehhe perhaps I should start reading more 'outside of the box'? By the way I just have to say that I looove your blog and your layout is soo pretty!!! Thank you for commenting!

      ~ Shania

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