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Thursday, November 19

Top 5 Tuesday's: OTP's + Bonus NOTP

Since we are both extreme fangirls, we thought it would be nice to share our OTP's and bonus NOTP with you for this Top 5 Tuesday's. Make sure to leave a comment telling us your OTP's and NOTP's.

Amber #5 
My number 5 are Blue and Gansey from The Raven Cycle. Right from the start you know that they are going to get together, which is usually something I do not like, but in this case I did. I think Gansey is such a geeky gentleman and I think he and Blue go very well together. It frustrates me that if Blue kisses her true love he will die, because I am so desperate for a Gansey x Blue kiss.

Shania #5
Zane and Tally are destinied to be my number five. Okay, not really but I still really like this couple. I
feel like Tally and David are meant to be though! Though when Zane kissed Tally for the first time, I immediately liked him. He is a daring pretty, hot leader of the crims, he and Tally totaly make a match. And sharing the cure? That was such a romantic part. Like if we're gonna become braindead zombies, we're gonna be braindead zombies together. I'm halfway through 'Pretties and Im curious to see where this relationship will end up.

Amber #4
For I number 4 I chose Juliette and Warner from the Shatter Me trilogy. Most people hate Warner in
the first book. I didn't. I am always kind of into the bad guys in books, so I was immediately drawn to Warner and how bad he was acting. From the first moment Warner started showing interest in Juliette I wanted them to just do it and I was SO happy when they finally got together in Ignite Me. 

Shania #4
So I always have a hard time actually shipping people. I guess I'm not much of a ship-person. But I really really liked Sam and Ana in the New Soul trilogy. They were so cute that the first book just contained me being frustrated about the fact that they should just kiss each other already. They were so obviously in love but when we find out that Ciana and Sam dated, we get why he didn't jump right into it. Plus the thought of a incarnated soul loving the new soul really warms my heart. I know that a lot of people find Ana an annoying character, but I actually love the girl. She and Sam are like, yeah my OTP.

Amber #3
My next OTP are Rhysand and Feyre from A Court Of Thorns And Roses. A lot of people have
mixed feelings about Rhysand and mostly ship Feyre with Tamlin, but I absolutely love him. Like I already explained with my previous OTP: I LOVE the bad guys in books, and Rhys is a perfect example of one, even though I personally think he is more misunderstood than bad. I can't wait to see the moments Feyre and Rhys are going to have when she goes to the Night Court in A Court Of Mist And Fury.

Shania #3
My #3, is my favorite Gone series ship: Caina. I wasn't exactly a fan of Caina at first. Actually, I hated the idea of this ship. That was until they went to the Island and Diana shouted these words at the top of her lungs: "No, you sick, stupid creep. I love you. I shouldn't. I shouldn't. You're sick inside, Caine, sick. But I love you" And that was the moment I thought. Wow. That was the moment I started shipping it. Their relationship is complicated, their love is sick and twisted. But I can't help it. I just love this so damn much! 

Amber #2
This OTP is very new and I haven't even finished this book yet but they just give me the happy
bubbles. I'm talking about Simon and Baz from Carry On. I have never read a book with a gay relationship before, but they make me so incredibly happy. The moment they first kissed I almost threw my book across the room and jumped around from joy (which I honestly actually did). I don't want their story to end after I finish Carry On, this is why I never read stand alones.

Shania #2
I've always had a thing for werewolves, especially the big an bad ones. That is one of the many reasons why Chlerek (Chloe and Derek from The Darkest Powers) is my #2 OTP. Look at that marvelous ending at the end of the first book. Chloe and Derek running away together while their friends were already out there. I read this book a long time ago but I still get really bubbly when we're talking about Chlerek. I have yet to read the second book so I am really really curious about what will happen to the two of them. They better share a passionate kiss!

Amber #1
We finally got down to my number one and I swear I can talk about this OTP for years, but I'll keep it
short. My number one OTP are Rowan and Aelin from the Throne Of Glass series. First I liked Aelin with Dorian, but the FIRST moment Rowan appeared in Heir Of Fire I was like: hell yeah I ship this. I especially loved the hate they first had for each other and I just KNEW they were going to fall in love later. 
I have to be honest, the moment I got Queen Of Shadows in the mail, I quickly skipped through the book to find out whether Rowan and Aelin would be endgame or not and when I found out I literally screamed (I really did). They make me experience so many feelings that I just want to lay on the floor and cry till the fifth book comes out. I NEED ROWAELIN SEX NOW

Shania #1
OH MY STRESS, IT'S TIME... MY #1 OTP... Okay. This is non book related. Terribly sorry, but my  true OTP is yes, hold on. *Drumrolls* DESTIEL. Yeah, Destiel. A beautiful ship among Supernatural fans. Cas would do anything to protect to protect Dean, he would go against everything he believes in and guess what? He did. He literally fought heaven for Dean, he could have joined them but he had someone to protect. Some on to love. Every time Dean and Cas has a moment, the feels are all over. Sometimes they share this look, this one look, and it says a thousand words but it never comes down to them admitting their feelings. The Supernatural writers are too ignorant sometimes. If Supernatural was to end one way or another, I'd want it to end with Dean and Cas sharing a kiss. Okay thank you.

Amber NOTP
So my NOTP is also from the Throne Of Glass series, and if you read my number one you can probably already guess which couple this is: Chaol and Celaena. So many people love them together and are still hoping for them to end up together, but I never liked it. I have never been very fond of Chaol and thinks he is just not good for Aelin, I don't think he can handle what she had become. And everybody let's be real: the Chaol x Celaena ship went down like the Titanic in the beginning of Queen Of Shadows.

Shania NOTP

MY BIGGEST NOTP ANNOYS THE FUCK OUT OF ME. Language. Okay sorry. So my NOTP are Sam and Astrid from the Gone Series. And don't get me wrong, I love Sam and all but Astrid on the other hand... I hate her. I think she is the most annoying *Ughm* Bitch *Ugmh* in the serie. She is such a know-it-all that I want to travel to the FAYZ and slap her in the face. The way she keeps Sam at her side like he is some kind of dog just, I can't even begin to explain this. I'm done. I hate Astrid and that's the end of this.

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  1. (((((i am trash for gay ships so excuse this comment))))

    I LOVE SIMON AND BAZ FROM CARRY ON. Also I've been obsessed with destiel for wayy too long. ;))

    ahh, okay. My first OTP was 100% ron/hermione from Harry Potter, and I stand by that. Also, I really liked jon/ygritte from A Song of Ice and Fire. Unfortunately, a lot of my favourite ships (both from novels and other forms of entertainment) are not canon, like Steve/Bucky from Captain America, Angie/Peggy from Agent Carter, or Draco/Harry from HP.

    My notp is Snape/Lily from HP. I can't stand them together -- Lily deserved much better than some guy who thought he was entitled to her love.